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Arting Progress Report

I’ve been doing a bit of writing — finishing my Moshang Week story, dragging out Chiaroscuro and dusting it off so I can finally get it out the door, things like that. But the main thing that has been helping me keep calm and carry on is the daily drawing practice. Lots of funnels, ellipses, and boxes this week, but I did do a few other things, including my first two ‘multi-day’ projects — multi-day because I spent a day sketching out the poses and getting my linework solid, then another day (for one) or two (for the second) doing the colors. For the second one, I used a technique I learned in one of the courses I’m taking to put down the colors in layers to keep everything cleaner and make them easier to edit. Generally, I’m very pleased with the effect, even if it does take a lot longer and DAMMIT I KEEP FORGETTING WHAT LAYER I’M IN!!!

(No, really. I accidentally did the eyes on the background layer, but I was so happy with how they came out that I was like, fuck it, the eyes are staying on that layer because I don’t want to mess around with copying and pasting them onto the correct layer or flattening layers or whatever. So there’s one really hilarious layer that’s just… the eyes on a blue background. It’s super creepy 😀 )

The pose practices are from my Line of Action practice sessions, and thanks to Emiko for recommending that site!

I did the full-color (two day) Hualian drawing at the start of the week, and the full color (three day) Wangxian drawing at the end of the week using the layered color process I learned in one of my courses.

I spent more time on the Hualian background. The bamboo stalks were my own, but the leaves were a brush I downloaded and then colored and customized. The butterflies were also a ‘brush’, but that brush only supplied the shape/cut-out. I did all the coloring and shading myself.

Everything on the Wangxian drawing was done by me except the wood grain brush I used on the guqin, which you can’t even really see after the shading and everything. I call it “Dirty Dizi-ing” because the original reference pose was from the crawling scene in Dirty Dancing. Sadly, I did not incorporate a dizi.

Hualian. I’m very proud of his butterfly necklace… thing.
Dirty Dizi-ing. Yes, the guqin is just floating there, but that’s what it does in the show, dammit!

So that’s my progress for the week. Yay!

1 thought on “Arting Progress Report”

  1. Extremely belated comment because I am so hilariously behind on my RSS feed, but i *really* like the Line of Action sketches — not that I don’t like the more complete art, too, just that I told you that in person! The LoA stuff really has a nice vitality to it.

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