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Art Progress – Fan Boys, Pt. I

I really like thematic groupings -- they give me the inspiration and structure I need to push past executive dysfunction. I've found this is especially true of my drawing practice. Deciding what to draw next has been challenging for me unless I have an outside impetus (like Yuletide or a fanworks challenge week) or some… Continue reading Art Progress – Fan Boys, Pt. I

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Pie (day) Chart

Happy pi (π) day! Those of you who've watched one of our recent virtual events know that I've been making astrological charts based on one of the magic systems and the in-world calendar of The Mask of Mirrors. Because that system (numinatria) is so intrinsically tied to mathematics and sacred geometry, it seemed fitting to… Continue reading Pie (day) Chart

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The Clothes Make the Con Artist

The Mask of Mirrors is a book shot through with textile metaphors, from slang terms like ‘knots’ for the gangs and ‘cuffs’ for the nobility; to the pattern deck and its suits of the spinning, woven, and cut threads; to the interweaving of multiple PoVs to create a dense cloak of intrigue. We didn’t consciously… Continue reading The Clothes Make the Con Artist