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Prep Weekend Post Mortem

I spent most of my weekend in game prep. A good chunk of prep was piecing together what I'd done and what I'd planned to do five years ago. Some of my notes were helpful, some confusing. I ended up sending a timeline to the players that included two game sessions of stuff that we… Continue reading Prep Weekend Post Mortem


Gaming as Gift Giving

I'm going to be running a game. Pathfinder, based loosely on the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path, but so thoroughly reworked that it really only bears passing acquaintance in form or function. This is a revamp of a game I started back in... holy macrame, 2011. It fizzled out when I went to… Continue reading Gaming as Gift Giving


Where Are We Now?: Georgina Kamsika

The Clarion Workshops (Clarion in San Diego and Clarion West in Seattle) are by-audition workshops for writers of speculative fiction (SF/Fantasy/Horror). For six weeks during the summer, eighteen writers come together under the instruction of six seasoned masters of genre. The students churn out one story and seventeen critiques a week. It’s an intense experience,… Continue reading Where Are We Now?: Georgina Kamsika