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MoShang Week Recap

Last week was rough for a lot of reasons, but Moshang saved me from the worst of it. Moshang, for those who haven't fallen into the Endless Abyss of MXTX fandom, is the ship name for two secondary characters from Mo Xiang Tong Xiu's Scum Villain Self Saving System. SVSSS is a story about a… Continue reading MoShang Week Recap


Open Yuletide Letter

Dear Author, First and foremost, thank you thank you thank you for volunteering to write for me. I will try to give you sparks for ideas, but I'm a pretty easy cookie to please, so if you had a fic you really wanted to write that doesn't quite fit with any of my suggestions, please… Continue reading Open Yuletide Letter


Not Ready for Prime Time

Wow. Assignments went up quicker than I expected!First off, thank you, oh author-mine, for volunteering to feed my id. My thoughts here are a little meandering and messy, but I hope they provide good fodder for you to use.Request 1Thor (movies)Thor and/or LokiI gobble up this pairing like nobody's business, so I'm pretty easy. There… Continue reading Not Ready for Prime Time


First Round of Yuletide Fic Recs

Snowed InRating: ExplicitFandom: OglafRelationship: Greir the Lesbian Mercenary/Snow Queen (Oglaf)This is my second year of requesting this pairing, and my second year of winning Yuletide. The author captured everything I love about the source material. She hits that sort of good-natured bullshit-calling voice that is so very, _very_ Oglaf! Her Grier is confident, competent, and… Continue reading First Round of Yuletide Fic Recs