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Arting Progress Report

I've been doing a bit of writing -- finishing my Moshang Week story, dragging out Chiaroscuro and dusting it off so I can finally get it out the door, things like that. But the main thing that has been helping me keep calm and carry on is the daily drawing practice. Lots of funnels, ellipses,… Continue reading Arting Progress Report

Art Progress

MoShang Week Recap

Last week was rough for a lot of reasons, but Moshang saved me from the worst of it. Moshang, for those who haven't fallen into the Endless Abyss of MXTX fandom, is the ship name for two secondary characters from Mo Xiang Tong Xiu's Scum Villain Self Saving System. SVSSS is a story about a… Continue reading MoShang Week Recap

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The Origins of a Scar

Yesterday I finally had the surgery for my hyperparathyroidism, which was diagnosed back in October, but then an ankle injury derailed me for the entire winter (and then, y'know... there was this pandemic thing that cropped up). One of the nice things about this particular surgery is that you know almost immediately if it was… Continue reading The Origins of a Scar

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The Bread and Butter of Writing

Recently (as in, like, this morning while I was making toast), I’ve been thinking about descriptions at the sentence level, especially as it relates to character, character voice, PoV, and worldbuilding. The opening chapter of Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson is a masterclass in this (and, not incidentally, my favorite book opening of all time).… Continue reading The Bread and Butter of Writing


Not Another Writing Advice Post, UGH! – Passive Voice

Yes, another writing advice post. In fact, my first such post! Seems like an oxymoron, I know. The ‘not another – Ugh’ energy has more to do with how much writing advice there is out there, and my own hesitation over adding something useless or repetitive to the noise. My editor for the Mr. Mystic… Continue reading Not Another Writing Advice Post, UGH! – Passive Voice

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Level Unlock – Big Damn Trilogy Sale!!

Last summer, I started working on a collaborative project with Marie Brennan that ended up being more or less NaNoWriMo for four months straight. We finished the 220k word behemoth in October, tossed it back and forth between beta readers, our agents, and each other, and sent it out to editors this past spring. This… Continue reading Level Unlock – Big Damn Trilogy Sale!!