Cover Designed by Amazing15

Cover by Amazing15

The Dragons of Heaven

Published: June 2015
Publisher: Angry Robot
ISBN: 9780857664327

Missy Masters inherited more than the usual genetic cocktail from her estranged grandfather. She also got his preternatural control of shadows and his enduring legacy as the legendary vigilante superhero, Mr Mystic. After a little work the costume fits OK, but Missy is far from experienced at fighting crime, so she journeys to China to seek the aid of Lung Huang, the ancient master who once guided her grandfather. She becomes embroiled in the politics of Lung Huang and his siblings, the allegedly mythical nine dragon-guardians of all creation. When Lung Di – Lung Huang’s brother and mortal enemy – raises a magical barrier that cuts off China from the rest of the world, it falls to the new Mr Mystic to prove herself by taking down the barrier. It’s a superhero novel, a pulp fantasy novel, with lashings of kung fu, immense kick-ass dragons and an unfailingly sympathetic heroine – yes, it’s another wonderful Angry Robot title.

The Dragons of Heaven, out now!
Available in print, ebook, and audibook
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The Conclave of Shadow

Cover by Amazing15

The Conclave of Shadow

Published: June 2016
Publisher: Angry Robot
ISBN: 9780857665188

The line between enemy and ally is thinner than a shadow’s edge.

Ever since she saved the spirit guardians of China by selling out to her worst enemy, Missy Masters — a.k.a. the pulp hero Mr. Mystic — has been laying low. But when knights serving the Conclave of Shadow steal secret technology from a museum exhibit on the Argent Aces, everyone looks to Mr. Mystic for help. If Missy doesn’t want her masquerade blown, she’d better track down the thieves, and fast.

But stolen tech turns out to be the least of her problems. Recent events have upset the balance of power in the Shadow Realms, removing the barriers that once held the ravenous Voidlands in check. Their spread threatens destruction in the mortal realm as well… and only the Conclave stands ready to push them back.

In a world of shadow, telling friends from enemies is easier said than done. But if she wants to save San Francisco, Missy will have to decide who to trust. Including her own instincts, which tell her that something is stalking her with murder in mind…

The Conclave of Shadow, out now!
Available in print, ebook, and audibook
Angry Robot | Powell’s | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Amazon UK | Waterstones | Goodreads

Chiaroscuro: Italianate epic fantasy full of politics and poisoners, courtiers and courtesans, rapiers and repartee. Revising to send to editors.

Once, the port of Benechiaro was a city of light, a bastion of learning, and an opportunity for the daring to make their fortunes, but the Grande Courtesan of the sea has aged past her prime, and now politics and privilege rule the day. A young nobleman-in-exile stumbles into this viper’s nest when he discovers a plot to pillage the city, but do the pirates act alone, or is the attack part of a larger conspiracy involving the city’s own aristocracy? I blog about it in detail here.

A Screech of Gulls,” in Beneath Ceaseless Skies #168, is a short story about loss, memory, and small heroisms set in this world.

Gaming Projects

Faces of Thedas: A Dragon Age RPG Sourcebook, Green Ronin Press, August 28, 2018

Desert Threats, Green Ronin Press

Mountain Terrors, Green Ronin Press

Mountain Terrors: Cloud Leopard, Green Ronin Press

Mountain Terrors: Stonehorn, Green Ronin Press


Freelance Editing Projects

Lunatic Fringe, by Allison Moon (September 2011)
Hungry Ghost, by Allison Moon (April 2013)
Bad Dyke, by Allison Moon (December 2014)
Girl Sex 101, by Allison Moon (March 2015)

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