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Fabr-ARC Giveaway for The Mask of Mirrors

We’re one month out on the drop date for THE MASK OF MIRRORS, so I decided it would be a good time to do a giveaway of my last few ARCs.

The protagonist of our book is Ren, aka Arenza Lenskaya, aka Alta Renata Viraudax, a half-Vraszenian con artist who uses her wits and her sister, Tess’s, skill at sewing to wheedle her way into the nobility. As such, fashion and clothing play a huge role in the world of our book, helping people determine who belongs — and who doesn’t.

It’s not JUST a way to justify Marie and I indulging in our love of fancy clothing, but…

For this giveaway, I’d love for you to tap into your inner Tess. Post a picture of some fabric that puts you in a mood for intrigue, deception, romance, and betrayal. You can share a swatch, a sample, a finished piece you already own, something you yoinked off of Mood’s website, anything goes! Marie and I will pick two random winners per platform (FB, Twitter, and our website blog) to receive an ARC of THE MASK OF MIRRORS (US peeps only, sorry!)

I already have an ARC, but I’ll start us rolling.

Did I just happen to have some fabric lying around that perfectly matched our cover design? I mean… if you have to ask, it’s like you don’t even know me!

(longer answer: yes, it’s a cocoon coat I made about two years ago for this 1920’s speakeasy interactive theater thing we went to. I made coats for Marie, her sister, and our friend, too. But I completely forgot I even had it until today).

And if you really want to get into the book launch spirit, come join us for our virtual launch event at Mysterious Galaxy on Jan. 19th.

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