Crafting Publicity

We're coming close to the six-month mark since the publication of THE DRAGONS OF HEAVEN, and it has been doing fairly well by most rubrics. The one place it seems to be lagging is in reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and that's largely on me for being reluctant to be pushy about encouraging people to… Continue reading Crafting Publicity


Rarity is my patronus

I can wax rhapsodic on the awesomeness of Rarity (from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). Her story arcs are full of nuance, personal challenge, and emotional maturity. Rarity finds sacrifice and generosity to be difficult, which is why it is such a victory every time she strives to be her better self. She represents the pony… Continue reading Rarity is my patronus


Every Steampunk Writer Needs a Good Coat

Months and months ago, Beth Cato revealed the fantastic cover of her debut novel, The Clockwork Dagger. This is a pretty important moment for a writer. This is the moment where you receive the first and most obvious fruits of putting your baby into someone else's hands and seeing how those people represent it to the world.… Continue reading Every Steampunk Writer Needs a Good Coat