Mission Accomplished (no, not that one…)

I just made my first fiction sale!  I just made my first fiction sale to a pro-market.  My short story "And The" just sold to Daily Science Fiction!  No clue when it will be out, but go subscribe now!  It’s free, and it’s awesome!  www.dailysciencefiction.com

I’m seriously leaking laughter and tears this morning.  They just keep bubbling out of me.  First the job, and now this… 

It’s especially timely since I woke up this morning doing a kind of retrospective of the last ten years of my life.  Ten years ago, I was at the top of my game.  Graduating magna cum laude from an Ivy, going off to grad school and a relationship with someone who my instincts told me would be the love of my life, starting the creative endeavor that would be the Changeling game.

Ten years looking back, and sometimes my urge is to see how all those things cracked or broke or failed.  But I met good people, made friends that I wouldn’t give up for the world, and learned a lot more than I had during my few years in undergrad.  I never could have written "And The , or any of the other things I’ve written since, without going through that.  I never would have gotten the job I mentioned in my last post (content editor at an educational publisher, for those who asked).  Hell, the way I’m feeling this morning, I think Obama never would have found and assassinated Osama  bin Laden, if not for those ten years.

I guess the pain does make you interesting!

Much love to the entire world, special love to the little dandelion fluffs that were Scat Hardcore, who helped me through several early drafts of  And The .  Most love of all to  , who helped me in so many ways, including coming up with the title.  And I’m heading out now before the Oscar orchestra starts playing over me.

And now to finish editing Dragons.

15 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished (no, not that one…)”

  1. From Brother D.

    I’m an Eagle

    Eagle. Proud and fierce.
    What Is Your Animagus? brought to you by Quizilla

  2. >>Any interpretations, dreamwalkers?

    First off… wow. Thanks for posting it and including me on the list. I don’t know if anything I can say will help but I will throw in a bit or two. I also want to say that, tit-fer-tat, I don’t want this misconstrued as Changeling angst either. Just commentary on a cool dream as asked for…

    The imagery of the dream sounds fantastic and I felt a twinge of jealousy. Nothin’ like a good battle dream, for the sake of a battle dream, to make me smile in the morning… (IE: See my crazy fey-inspired martial arts bonanza a few months ago.)

    When reading the part about “The first battle was a thing of beauty, a few dozen of us against a few dozen of us, switching sides as it suited us and to make sure numbers stayed even, everyone working in harmony to make the battle meaningful for everyone,” I was struck with the same sort of feeling I get when I think about Lady Cottington’s pressed faeries. In short, fae doing something like allowing themselves to be smashed into a book because, to the point it turns into a competition to see who can be the best smashed cause… well… damnit… everyone is having fun in the smashing!

    “The fantastic costumes and wild shapes, the glowing eyes and floating tresses, were gone. They wore sunglasses. They wore shorts. They were barbequeing hot dogs.” This strikes me as interesting because now in the dream the fantastic has become the commonplace. The few having a great time with something zingy, fun, and magical has turned into the feeling of something done just for…well.. cause you do it or its felt mandatory that you do it. And in that, the distinction between “pretending you are not you” is lost since some folks don’t know the first five words of a story.

    And as for the closing bit… The Sage I just talked to told me to pass on that the answers to your final question and to the post dream feeling you might still be carrying lie with the Oak Men. An in depth studying of Foundations and History. There is more to be known, much more, by looking closely, intently, and slowly at the roots.

    Coyote MWAH! right on yer Kitsune forehead.
    *runs away*

  3. Dream interpretation is a tricky business, and it’s something I’m not very good at, at least in part because I so rarely remember my dreams.

    The general rules are ones you probably have heard, but they bear some repetition, just in case. You know: think to what has been going on in your life lately, and what has been stressing you out and / or been occupying your attention. If there is significant subconscious undercurrents in the dream, they’re probably going to be related to something that has been occupying you recently.

    Then again, it could just be a cigar. (That’s the second big rule.)

    I dunno. Jung is kinda cool, and Freud is a lunatic, but I’ve never been one for standardized dream imagery, either.

    Apparently, I’m not particularly useful here, am I? πŸ™‚

  4. Here are te bits that I can grab onto and then I’ll try to tie them together. NO promises though. (Thanks for giving me a shot with this one!)

    Battle in a dream is usually some type of internal conflict.
    Water (not surprisingly) is emotion and sometimes spirituality depending.
    Changing, as in changing sides, could be sort of development or growth.
    Fire is most often associated with anger, but can also be purification or an abundance of energy.
    Soldiers are often force or power of some sort.

    I would say that one very interesting points is the elemental balance that you illustrate in the beginning. You’ve got fiery men, women riding waves, land and water changing to suit needs, and the watch tower above calling down the shape of the battle seems pretty airy to me. There is balance, even in the battle itself as people looked objectively and did what needed doing for the betterment of all; their change meant growth and development. I see a balance in there. Water coming and going would seem to me that whatever this is about is spiritualy important to you. There seems to be a lot of water energy at the beginning.

    While you weren’t looking, something forcefully changed. The sort of regimented soldiers that seem to have taken over things really do seem to be forceful power. From there I get more psychoanalytical and less spiritually symbolic. It seems that you felt like the battles had become generic and lost whatr made it different form the other battles. The battle had also taken on an important meaning (end of the world?) that it didn’t have before. I got the impression that the beauty of the battle itself was more important before. You described yourself as feeling “useless” but “trying to do your part”. What I think is really interesting is that you rejoined the battle even though you clearly thought it was no longer a thing of beauty rather than change the battle itself. The why behind that choice may be a clue to what it’s about…maybe.. don’t know.

    The sage throws me because I think that your response to him answered any questions there. Pretend you are not you. That’s an interesting thing taht I have never thought about in quite taht way befoer. I’ll wrap my head around it and come back to that later perhaps.

    Since you seem to be looking for a non-Changeling bent to this, the first thing taht popped to my mind is the state of our country and how apathy is killing it. We all know what it could be but stand by feeling helpless as things spiral into generic crap. But I also just got back from seeing Cabaret.

    I would say, look to those things that used to touch you spiritually. You have been away for a bit since you were kind of in a haze there for a while. Before the haze, what moved you and changed you? What gave you spiritual balance? While it could be the Changeling game, it could also be a great many things. Unfortunately, I think you are the only one who can know that. But yeah, spiritual balance, and why are you not trying to achieve that in a way that’s meaningful to you again. If I were someone who knew about such things that’s where I would start.

    Wow I feel like I just babbled and made no sense. I really need some hobbies that don’t include my Crow as I fear I may be contracting his lack of meaningful communication.

    Over and out.

    1. Yeah…that is by far my favorite bit. I love the idea that the first five words of any book (although often not explicity written) are “Pretend that you’re not you”. Unlike many of the brilliant things that I come up with in dreams, this one actually withstands the light of eyes-open.

      (You’re familiar with the dream where I answered my own personal zen coen: If a man claps in the forest, does it make a sound? Yes! for the man who is clapping. Came up with that in a dream, and I was so proud of myself until I realized I’d solved my very own hybridized/spliced coen.)

      1. And not just books but movies, video games, stage plays, acting…

        The inner drive to put aside your personal reality for another. And by setting it aside hopefully finding something to help you when you return to what is yours.

  5. I woke up just now with this in my head:

    Because you’re everything already. You’re everything you are, and everything you’re not, and everything that you pretend to be. But if you forget that, and think that you’re only this one thing — well, then you become them. And if you do nothing but pretend, and lose yourself in the pretending, you become them, too.

    But…what about the books, then? Why would they all start with that?

    To remind you. To help you remember.


    That was it. I can’t say that the thought told me *what* to remember, though I imagine it has something to do with always being One, and always changing. But if I’m to deliver the message as it was delivered to me, that hypothesis comes with the caveat that it wasn’t part of what I woke up with, only something I thought about as I related it to Tisper (so it wouldn’t slip away from my consciousness) and as I came here and wrote it down.

    Do with it as you will. πŸ™‚

    (ps – tea sometime?)

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