Pimping out my friends

This girl I work with designed fabric for a bikini fabric contest.  She’s a big Akita fan, so most of her work features Akitas.  I approve, for they are very fox-like dogs.  Anyways, go here to vote on her fabric, so she can have it made:



16 thoughts on “Pimping out my friends”

  1. Here’s one–the spleen is surrounded by a tough, fibrous capsule, and within that has an open circulatory system–which is why, if that capsule is lacerated or ruptured, you’ve got a 75% chance of dying if you’re not operated on.

    Even more fun, in very rare instances the spleen can spontaneously rupture, usually due to anticoagulant therapy or some previous injury causing blood to build up under the capsule until the pressure gets too high. I’m fairly sure that that’s *not* the way to go about venting your spleen, and could in fact be taken as caution that if you don’t vent your spleen, it might vent itself for you.

    Source: http://www.cumc.columbia.edu/news/review/archives/medrev_v1n1_0003.html

    1. That is awesome, especially the spontaneous rupture thing. I totally love the idea of it being a safety precaution to vent one’s spleen at regular, safe intervals. It’s, like, a medical necessity!

  2. Hee hee hee!! Yes, I am most pleased someone wrote about their spleen instead of their heart/head/hand, etc. I think the spleen is highly underrated and yes, just saying the word can make you laugh. (giggles)

    And woman, I have so vented my spleen in the past. Which does lead to an interesting visual of a vent put into your body so you could vent spleen gases.

    now I’m going to go and laugh.

    1. And while you’re laughing, just realize that your laughter is coming from your healthy, happy spleen (at least, according to the Talmud…but being a woman I haven’t actually read the Talmud, so I suppose I mean according to the Talmud via Wikipedia!)

  3. Fan facts on the nature & conjecture of Spleens and Scorpios!!!
    Having been recently stung by one (a scorpio, not a spleen), i found this amusing and insightful.


  4. AND!!!

    I believe it was the spleen that was featured in a small way in the movie “Patriot’s Game”. The daughter of the hero lost her spleen due to an attack by a terrorist.

    Perhaps not happy, but then again it was not a happy movie and thus, symbolically at least, the spleen, had to go.

    Hmmmm…. movie review through body parts. I think I’m on to something….

    1. Re: AND!!!

      Heh, that should totally be the way that movies are reviewed, especially if the body parts in question could be launched at high velocity to land with a resounding *splat*

  5. Yes, it is in fact true that spleen is just one of those ‘funny’ words of comedy, not unlike making needless air quotes with your fingers when no one else is around and then laughing like a loon. I have to say that, while your post was very enlightening, I spent most of it unaware of the actual words as I kept on seeing the word spleen and then giggling hysterically and rolling around on the ground. A lot like a terrier trying to pay attention to a chew toy in a pile of coke. I think I have rugburn. Spleen. Hehehehehehheheheeh…


  6. To the left of your stomach, a deep violet-red,
    a filter’s at work filling blood cells with dread:
    The red blood cell graveyard! It’s not Halloween.
    I’m talking about that blood basher, the spleen.

    from the book I mentioned in my last comment!

  7. Here’s another fun fact for the list: Scorpios are equipped to be especially canny splenomancers. Some Scorpios don’t even need the person in question to be cut open to divine the state of their spleen, but only hold their hand over the spleen-area.

    Of course, oftentimes, it’s preferable that the person be cut open.

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