11 thoughts on “Deathly Hallows”

  1. Was VIII any good? I’m going through RPG withdrawl (haven beaten Knights of the Old Republic and FFX before that and not having a PS2 for FFX2) and looking at hunting down a copy of FF VIII for the PC.

  2. I actually like VIII better than X. The plot for VIII is much less structured and linear (I really don’t like the linearity of X), the characters seem more interesting to me, the cut scenes (while obviously not X quality) are pretty damn keen, and while I didn’t finish it, the story intrigued me more. It had some interesting potential time-travel stuff that I really liked.

    It also had this hawt sorceress villain chick, and while the main character is still something of a putz, at least he’s a bad-tempered putz with attitude and a leather jacket, rather than a whiny Corey Feldman skater-boi putz.

    Plus, while Lulu is goth-chick hot, Quistis is kitsune hot.

    1. Yes, I think I’ll be borrowing that from you 🙂 When can we arrange that? Danke. I dig hawt sorceress villan chicks.

      By the way, if you’re still playing Baulder’s Gate I, I just found my Tales of the Sword Coast expansion disk.

      And I maintain that Planescape: Torment will rock your world. (Michael “the Pretender” Weiss! Sheena Easton! Mitch “Skinner” Pileggi! Dan Castellaneta! John de Lancie! A chaste succubi dominatrix! Bigger plot twists than Knights of the Old Republic! Lots of exclamation points!)

      1. I’ve got to second that. Torment was better than I could have hoped for out of a computer version of the planes… beyond the awesome plot and characters, they managed to pull some great humor and somehow managed to really pull off the feel of ideology shaping reality on the planes (through environment, story themes, factions, etc).

        I miss the planes…

      2. I miss the Planes, too.

        Yeah, all joking aside, Torment is still my all time favourite computer RPG. It just did such a fantastic job of bringing everything to life in an awsome story. I still get a bit misty, remembering that last shot of the Nameless One… well, I won’t go into details, because I still want to get this Kitsune I know to play it.

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