Deathly Hallows

The Verdict, in slightly more detail:

Warning, this one actually is much more spoileriffic.

I was right on several of my major predictions/hopes. I think it’s rather cool that with only a few minor tweaks and a retcon of the finale of the book, my story The Devil’s Due could still be a pretty good AU canon story.

The death toll was much greater than I expected, and given the events of the last chapter, I’m guessing that it was either Neville or Draco who got the last-minute reprieve. I’m happy that both of them lived. I’m pissed that Severus died like a punk, but I think I may re-read the memory chapter because I adore Sev/Lily (what would be the name mash for that? Sevilly? Silly?

I need a Sev/Lily icon. Their love is so doomed.

5 thoughts on “Deathly Hallows”

  1. The ship name I’m familiar with for Sev/Lily is LOLLIPOPS — standing for Love Of Lily Left Ire Polluting Our Poor Severus. Their mascot was a flamingo, because someone once quipped that imagining Snape in love was like putting a flamingo inside a gothic cathedral.

    But then, I don’t hold with this name mash business. You kids, get off my lawn, etc.

  2. My money’s still on Hagrid being the one who was supposed to die; I can see him having sacrificed himself in a (wrong-headed) attempt to save Harry out in the Forest.

    The things I would have liked to see go differently are relatively minor: 1) Ginny getting to do a little more (like, take out one of the Horcruxes), 2) Snape get at least more screen-time before dying, and 3) Draco not just kind of whiffing the way he did.

    But events as they actually went are only a small step away from how I would have wanted them to go, so I’m not deeply upset by any of those.

    I figured you probably died of happiness during the Snape flashback chapter. <g>

  3. Yeah, while I really thought Neville’s killing the snake was >AWESOME< I kinda hoped Snape would get to do it. I also think it's probably Neville who got the reprieve.

    And I suggest "Liverus," personally. 😉

  4. Ya’ know, I never thought Snape could be in love with Lily, but it made so much sense in the book. I totally believed it. 🙂 And it was great and good and made total sense and totally made Snape believable. He was a butt-kicker to the end. And like wow, his Patronus was inspired by Lily!!!!

    ‘Twas gooood! Can’t wait for the Salon!

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