Crash, boom, bang

For people who might hear rumors (one of the lovely side-benefits of living in a small town), I was in a pretty bad car accident today. I’m fine, so is the other driver. Her car is definitely totaled, mine might be. This means that I will be even poorer and less in-touch this summer than previously anticipated. On the plus side, I imagine I will get lots of bus and coffee-shop time for writing.

Stupid Mercury retrograde.

33 thoughts on “Crash, boom, bang”

  1. I loved it sooo much, though I really felt the lackage of Aoywin and Faramir at the end. I was excited to see them together, but I wanted more…guess that’s what the DVD is for.

    *sigh* Only one more year til THAT comes out.

  2. …more please

    at the 12:01 showing meself…yep awesome
    But i was left with the same feeling at the end as with TTT. I want the extended version NOW….!

    Luckily there is schuttlebut/rumours already that the extended version will be released earlier AND may even be put in the theatres first…


    …i’ll keep you posted.

    rumor boy,

  3. So Jealous

    I am SO jealous that you got to go to the midnite showing, did also get the chance to watch all three movies back to back.
    Sadly there have been so many new developments at work lately that I will be lucky if I get to see the movie this weekend.
    Have you thought of going as Eowyn for Halloween this year, perhaps you can convince your fox boy to go as another LOTR character…Legolas perhaps (he is tall and thin enough to pull it off)
    Just an idea, I know what a costume junkie you are (and if anybody could pull it off, it would be you)


    1. Re: Huh

      Of course we are, dear. Although really, co-casting me for Emma? Even if it is with the divine Ms. Steele? {sidles up to you and purrs slyly} Do you *really* think that I need an understudy?

    1. Thank you for the offer. I’m still a little in shock. I really need to get off my ass and take care of things today, but instead I’m filling out silly memes.

  4. I’m very sorry about the car…and VERY glad that the other driver…and more importantly, since I actually know you, YOU are alright! Things are replaceable (almost always) but people never are. I second the ride offer.

  5. Very glad you are safe, even if car is not so much. If you need anything, feel free to give a call, you gave many a ride to me, I can easily return the favor

    1. Thank you. I’m going to spend a little time trying to figure out the buses around here. I have my student ID, so they’re free. And I could stand to do a little more walking anyways. Thank god it’s the summer.

  6. Glad to hear your ok. I know how tough loosing the car is though.

    I want to head down to spend some time, but you never respond to my LJ anymore.


    stupid Mercury.

    1. Yeah, I suck. I haven’t been reading LJ much at all recently.

      David’s going out of town in a few weeks, and I was thinking I might have a sleepover thing when he’s gone. It would be keen if you could come down for that. I will definitely keep you posted ;>

  7. *big virtual painless hug* Let me know if you need a ride. Or Red Bull. 😉

    Speaking of Red Bull I had the urge to bring you some two days ago. Hmmm…. Universe must have been telling me you needed something.

  8. wow The Suck…

    glad you are physically OK

    having done this once for myself I hereby offer to help deal with the stupidity that will follow. Call for rides, support, suggestions, or chillin out.

    lotsa love

  9. 0_o o dearz. I am glad to hear you are well, well, not well-well but reasonably un-not-not-dead. *looks up and does quick mental math* *fails* My suggestion is to pour olives on your head.


  10. Dear Lord.

    I’m glad you’re relatively unhurt, even if you are having to deal with car / insurance nightmares. (God knows I know about them!)

    Let me know if there’s anything that Bryn or I can do to help out.

  11. wow, suckatude. I’m so glad you’re ok though, cars are scary monster machines of death.
    Tony and I are both here should you need any help, with rides or whatever.

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