Cast Party Directions

Remember, the Cast Party is at Margaret’s house this year. Directions are at the following link:


It is BYOB, so please bring something. We will be bringing the leftovers from previous parties, and some other base alcohols and mixers, but don’t depend on us to support your drinking habit!

1 thought on “Cast Party Directions”

  1. AND!!!

    HI People!!

    Ok, if you are using Mapquest you have to remember that if on St. Rd. 46 you have to turn onto Arlington Rd. Arlington Rd is located at the 90 degree turn in 46 between Bloomington and Ellettsville.

    Plus, you can also just go to where we play our game (the IMU) and then get onto 17th Street, drive West, and the directions on my Web site make PERFECT sense!!

    Sorry if you are having problems!!


    Just call me darlings!! 812-876-8408

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