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  1. Don’t be sad!

    I have a HUGE uber post in the making, I’m just so mentally and emotionally exhausted (having expended my creativity at a FABULOUS!STUPENDOUS!MONUMENTAL! and did I mention SPLENDIFOROUS! game yesterday! I mean, seriously! I’ve been doing memes! That’s about it!)

    So, when I am less braindead, and have pictures ready to put up, there will be a ginormous post from me. 🙂

  2. Like Selenya, I have been suffering all day from severe game hangover (it always seems to be compounded when I had to wear high heels — go figure). So you should take it as a compliment. Like silence after a piece of music, before the audience starts applauding.

    Or something. Maybe I need another nap.

    1. Oooh…I like the silence example. Okay, I’ll read it like that. Oh, and i’m not really sad, I’m just squishymeister sign language sad. It really is my favorite post-game pastime. It’s what helps me kick the shuffling zombie feeling of running a game. I think that mondays after ST’ing a changeling game are akin to what one must feel like after a rapture.

      “Finished. At last, finished…the poem is finished, and my soul has gone out into it. That was all. It was nothing worth mentioning, it occurs three times a day.”
      –Bunthorne, _Patience_ by G&S

      1. Sad in ASL

        “Both ‘5’ hands, palms facing the eyes and fingers slightly curved, drop simultaneously to a level with the mouth. The head drops slightly as the hands move down, and an expression of sadness is assumed.”

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