Hey everybody!

So, the fae and the foxes have been invited, hospitatlity has been invoked, we’ve gotten our first warning ticket that our lawn is too overgrown (grr…), classes are over, and most of our stuff is unpacked. That means it’s time for…

Burning Down the House: the Foxes Housewarming Hootenanny, 2005!

Who: You!
What: A housewarming party for what has become OUR final exam!
When: Friday, May 6th, 8pm til the wee hours
Where: 912 S. Madison (we looked for a larger alternate venue, but…)
Why: Well, people are flying out from California, so we couldn’t cancel ;>
How: That’s your business, but we welcome all forms of mystical and concrete celebratory offerings as long as they fit the traditions of Hospitality (i.e., no poisoning of any balefires, you nobs!)

Although we will be providing some refreshments, we are asking folks to bring stuff as well. We’ll need snacks, booze, mixers, etc.

Several folks have asked about housewarming gifts. They are welcome, of course. Fae and Foxes will always find a home here, as will dross of a variety of sorts, Hobby Lobby gift certificates, Books, and DVDs would be particularly cool…you’ll understand why when you arrive. But we realize that many of our friends are impoverished and we would prefer your presence above anything else ;>

Take College south past the Kroger on 2nd.
Shortly after 1st St. most of College will divert left and join with Walnut.
Divert right onto Dodds (there will be a big sign).
Go 2 blocks and turn left on S. Madison.
Our house is on the right about halfway down the block.

Please carpool if at all possible, since street parking is *extremely* limited.

Hoping to see people here!

Alyc and David
new homeowners
recently declared clinically insane

22 thoughts on “”

      1. Re: I’ve got MY towel.

        I’ve already made inquiries: I’d have to chop ~600 scallions for that quantity. Tempting, but I’ve got work tomorrow.

      2. Uh…er…color schemes?

        Right now we’re on “I don’t think we have enough bookshelves. How can that be? We had enough bookshelves when we left the old place. Did the books breed in the boxes? Uh…is this the bastard love-child of _Strangers to Ourselves_ and _Imagined Communities_? Ewwww…gross! Hey, _Orientalism_, what are you doing to poor _Reading the Romance_? Stop it you two! Stop it right now!!”

        Uh…I had too much fun writing that. I’m going to stop now before _Passing the Time in Ballymenone_ gathers its own personal harem.

        But seriously, I think red/gold in the living room (similar to what we had before, although different curtains), and sage green/bronze-ish in the bedroom. My office is purple/silver/sage, and David’s is Fox central.

      3. *giggles* I had fun reading that.

        So I keep hearing about this legendary bean dip, and I’m wondering if my spinach dip would fulfill a different enough motifemic slot that it wouldn’t be redundant?

    1. Two might be nice if you don’t mind. I honestly don’t know how many folks we’re going to have, but we always run out of food and your bean-dip is legendary.

      1. Roger. I’ve got it covered.

        I may be cursing scallions by the end of the weekend, what with Moon/Squish’s party, but I’ll live.

      2. Do you want to borrow my food processor? I’ll be needing it to make ceviche for tomorrow, but I could spare it for a while.

      3. Nah. I’m a purist. I’m also a masochist and occasionally stupid. Plus, what’s the fun of complaining about the food preparation when it wasn’t actually that bad?

      1. So, uh…do you make a habit of changing clothes in front of open windows that face the back of the house?

        No particular reason…just asking ;>

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