Wonderful day yesterday. To recap:

1. The house is functionally unpacked.

2. The Prometheans are framed and it didn’t cost $500. I’m quite the crafty vixen if I do say so myself.

3. I got Groups! which means summer work is covered, and I’m not an academic failure ;>

4. I applied for a teaching position at IUPUI for the fall, which means a shorter commute, and I’d finally get to teach an Intro to Cultural Anthropology. Fingers crossed.

5. The house has been warmed with good friends, food, music and conversations (thank you everyone who came!) The vibe of the party was awesome, and the table, as per our hopes, is a great social space.

6. I’m going to be a bridesmaid! The bride and groom are some of my favorite people. David is already a groomsman, so I get to shag one without feeling guilty, and the dress is awesome and looks like Kate Winslet’s red & black “I’m going to jump” dress from Titanic.

7. I got to talk with people who I think are very cool and want to get to know much better so that their coolness can rub off on me ;> like prosewitch and Elisa.

8. We somehow (again) ended up with more booze than we started out with. Ah well, it all rolls over to the Changeling stash. Cast Party here we come.

9. As is becoming our usual, Regohemia and I closed the night down by talking until 5am. We are so hard core. Topics included reasons for me to not hate Eric Bana, Death, and the numbness of our genetalia. I love that guy ;>

I’m going back to bed now. I was only up because somebody tried to call and I missed it. I have aspirations to attend the commencement ceremonies today (Congratulations Ninjaturbo, Squishymeister and Moonartemis76…and anyone else I know that I missed), but if I don’t make it then I will see you all at the party tonight ;>

kitsune, signing off.

3 thoughts on “”

  1. Wow!!

    I am so bummed I missed the party but thrilled that it filled your house with good vibes!!!

    Oh and try teaching at Ivy Tech State College. I make my living being an adjunct professor there and it is a good place. Plus very short commute and FREE, yes, FREE parking!!!

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