I have blue hair!  Not just blue, but what I’m calling ‘Antikythera Blue’.  The woman who did my hair did this layering process where she bleached some bits (in a way that the roots mostly won’t show, which means fewer touch ups!), and then did the blue in a second process, getting four or five colors for the work of two.  So I have my own golden-bronze color, intercut with bright aqua blue, light gold-blonde, and verdigris.  My head looks like some ancient mechanism that has been sunk to the bottom of the Mediterranean for aeons.

Hence, Antikythera Blue!

Some pics, taken on a cloudy day with my phone camera, so they really don’t do the full wash of color any kind of justice:

blue hair 1

blue 2

blue 3

Yay!  Now watch me get a job prospect πŸ˜›

28 thoughts on “Blue!”

  1. weird, I’ve had the song bouncing around in my head recently too. It’s a song that I live my life by. The last verse is the theme of my life. Trying to hear the universe.

  2. Dude, this is one of my favorite songs to sing to myself when I’m alone (the only time I sing aloud). And it is very…wistful to me. I also love that movie.

    And I have witnessed Kevin crying when I sang the song. He ain’t kidding.

  3. The Rainbow Connection

    This live journal is helping strengthen the connection. It makes the contact more frequent and in greater depth. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to set one up, too. πŸ™‚

    I loved a moment of remembering the Rainbow Connection and the Bear went over the mountain … How about the candle song? Surely the girl named after me remembers it well. (And when we have a baby boys we’ll name her after me. I’ll keep her clean and kiss her and rock her on my knee). Thanks for the moment of reflection – starshine. πŸ™‚

    Who else could post this but Conna-mom?

  4. I do not promise not to ask to see you, as you will need breaks between now and then, and reminders that your friends have not forgotten your existence. Just don’t feel too guilty; all work and no play makes the kitsune lose tails.

      1. October was what I meant, yeah. I figure three days afterwards your head won’t still be 100% goo, right? πŸ˜‰

        *grins* And I’ll totally await your whim, so long as it’s patient with my schedule…

  5. Bwa ha ha, ze power iz mine over yiur geelteeness! Bwa hahahahahahahaha!

    o_0 …

    *ducks and dodges, constantly shouting Woo Hoo Woo Hoo and waving his arms in the air*


    1. It’s my first time, and I’m so happy with how it turned out!

      Also, thank you very much for scheduling the wedding the weekend after Wiscon πŸ˜€ It means I’m going to be able to fly out for Wiscon, hang down in b-town for the week between, then drive up with peeps for the wedding and stuff. Excellent planning on your part!

    1. ::bows:: And I kept my pretty curls! Also… I need to chat with you and J. about crashing for a few days the week between Wiscon and Drydem’s wedding.

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