Booyah, Grandma!

Pretty predictable, really. It’s why I love it when the fox gets all dominant and sidhe-like. I need to make him some sweeping black robes.

Severus Snape
You clearly do not scare easily. You want a man
who is sharp, intellectual, cultured, and not
too mushy. Get underneath his cool, sarcastic
exterior and who knows what treasures you might

Who is your Harry Potter love match? (for girls)
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12 thoughts on “Booyah, Grandma!”

    1. Unfortunately, I am both broke, and have a guest lecture to write.

      Although I might just say screw everything and go see Pride and Prejudice tomorrow…but with my luck, the Mr. Darcy will suck as much as he looks like he’s going to, and Kiera will not have fine eyes.

      1. Ahhh… I’ve heard very bad things about the new Pride and Prejudice, so good luck on that one. Although if it were a manatee I’d be possibly willing to risk it. Although I too am broke. I’m not writing a guest lecture though.

        Good luck!

      2. Okay, normally I’ve just learned to ignore typos . . . but “manatee” in the context of both Goblet of Fire and Pride and Prejudice creates mental images too mind-boggling to pass up, especially since Keira Knightley is WAY too skinny to be a sea cow.

      3. See, I figured it was a deliberate typo.

        I have to admit, I’m oddly nervous about tomorrow because you’re going to be there. I’m having weird performance anxiety that I don’t think I’d otherwise be having.

      4. Heh…just don’t fact-correct me and I’ll be okay. I’m pretty sure I have everything straight, but I spent most of today helping the fox with some blech he was going through, and I’m feeling rushed in putting this together. I just hope I’m not boring. My pictures are really pretty.

      5. Since swimming with the manatees for a full day is one of my happiest memories, and knowing what wonderful animals they are, my only problem is associating them with “pride and prejudice” … hehehehe.

      6. Sadly I’m working tomorrow till 5 (well, not sadly, but you know what I mean). That ties me up manatee-wise until Sat. (Yay almost full-time work!)

        But if your own pride and prejudice urges can hold out that long, I’d love to do a manatee with you.

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