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Where Are We Now?: Carlie St. George

The Clarion Workshops (Clarion in San Diego and Clarion West in Seattle) are by-audition workshops for writers of speculative fiction (SF/Fantasy/Horror). For six weeks during the summer, eighteen writers come together under the instruction of six seasoned masters of genre. The students churn out one story and seventeen critiques a week. It’s an intense experience,… Continue reading Where Are We Now?: Carlie St. George

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The Conclave of Shadow

Preorders and reviews are an author's best friends! The Conclave of Shadow, by Alyc Helms Published: July 2016 Publisher: Angry Robot ISBN: 9780857665188 The line between enemy and ally is thinner than a shadow’s edge. Ever since she saved the spirit guardians of China by selling out to her worst enemy, Missy Masters — a.k.a.… Continue reading The Conclave of Shadow


The Moral of the Story is [… Buffering]

My grandmother Bettie passed away a few weeks ago. And I'm not doing so well because of it. In part, this is grief at her passing. She was my last living grandparent (step-grandparents included). I barely knew her growing up, but I got to know her better as an adult. Some of my friends probably… Continue reading The Moral of the Story is [… Buffering]

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Book Birthday, that is. It's official. I'm a published novelist: This is how I plan to celebrate today: 1. Tea, Toast, Incense, and Faeries (my usual morning ritual) 2. Unplug to input my handwritten revisions on Chiaroscuro 3. Chew my fingers off to keep from obsessively checking the internet 4. Shower. Nap. Drive to… Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me!