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Pie (day) Chart

Happy pi (π) day! Those of you who've watched one of our recent virtual events know that I've been making astrological charts based on one of the magic systems and the in-world calendar of The Mask of Mirrors. Because that system (numinatria) is so intrinsically tied to mathematics and sacred geometry, it seemed fitting to… Continue reading Pie (day) Chart

My Cool Stuff!

Coming Soon to a GenCon Near You!

Next week I'll be heading to Indianapolis for GenCon. In preparation of which, I am building an army of Angry Robot Badge Bobbles to give out while I'm helping at the Angry Robot booth. In addition to booth time, I'm on programming for the Writer's Symposium. I'll be spending some quality hangout time with my old Changeling crew,… Continue reading Coming Soon to a GenCon Near You!