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May Updates and Cover Girls

Two years ago in May, Marie and I said 'let's do this' and launched a whirlwind four months of writing. Most weeks, we put down 10k words or more, and by the time October rolled around, we had a 225k word book draft for what would eventually become The Mask of Mirrors. Last year in… Continue reading May Updates and Cover Girls

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Level Unlock – Big Damn Trilogy Sale!!

Last summer, I started working on a collaborative project with Marie Brennan that ended up being more or less NaNoWriMo for four months straight. We finished the 220k word behemoth in October, tossed it back and forth between beta readers, our agents, and each other, and sent it out to editors this past spring. This… Continue reading Level Unlock – Big Damn Trilogy Sale!!

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What I’m Doing This Summer

I've recently made passing mention to a super secret collaborative project I'm working on. I've been hesitant to say more because so often projects like this die before they ever get momentum. However, after six-ish months of planning, plotting, and worldbuilding, and three weeks of intense writing that have already pushed us past the 25k… Continue reading What I’m Doing This Summer

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The Conclave of Shadow

Preorders and reviews are an author's best friends! The Conclave of Shadow, by Alyc Helms Published: July 2016 Publisher: Angry Robot ISBN: 9780857665188 The line between enemy and ally is thinner than a shadow’s edge. Ever since she saved the spirit guardians of China by selling out to her worst enemy, Missy Masters — a.k.a.… Continue reading The Conclave of Shadow

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Book Birthday, that is. It's official. I'm a published novelist: This is how I plan to celebrate today: 1. Tea, Toast, Incense, and Faeries (my usual morning ritual) 2. Unplug to input my handwritten revisions on Chiaroscuro 3. Chew my fingers off to keep from obsessively checking the internet 4. Shower. Nap. Drive to… Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me!