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Fuzzy Critters Love Dragons!

Today’s the second half of my book birthday, with the US/CAN print version of The Dragons of Heaven hitting the shelves. I’m traveling on business, so celebrations have been postponed until I can celebrate with family and loved ones.

I was feeling a little down about this, but then Brenta Blevins–my CW littermate, Cory Skerry’s nemesis, and a Mad Genius–posted a pic of her insanely photogenic new kitty, Abby, sitting next to her copy of Dragons, and it cheered me enormously.


Then someone at Angry Robot posted a pic of their kitty with a copy of Dragons.


I’m away from my kitty, Thrace, but he did help me open the box of my author copies, and I thought… this is exactly the way I want to celebrate my book launch. So if you have a copy of the book and any kind of animal companion (stuffed counts if you’re allergic), please take a pic and tweet it, post it on FB, post it here, whichever is easiest. Make sure to tag me so I can go look!

Thanks to everyone who helps me celebrate this milestone. Your fuzzy critters make the world a better place!

1 thought on “Fuzzy Critters Love Dragons!”

  1. Eager to read your tale and am only two pages. So happy to finally see it in print. Great anticipation. Congratulations Alyc.

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