Fuzzy Critters Love Dragons!

Today’s the second half of my book birthday, with the US/CAN print version of The Dragons of Heaven hitting the shelves. I’m traveling on business, so celebrations have been postponed until I can celebrate with family and loved ones.

I was feeling a little down about this, but then Brenta Blevins–my CW littermate, Cory Skerry’s nemesis, and a Mad Genius–posted a pic of her insanely photogenic new kitty, Abby, sitting next to her copy of Dragons, and it cheered me enormously.


Then someone at Angry Robot posted a pic of their kitty with a copy of Dragons.


I’m away from my kitty, Thrace, but he did help me open the box of my author copies, and I thought… this is exactly the way I want to celebrate my book launch. So if you have a copy of the book and any kind of animal companion (stuffed counts if you’re allergic), please take a pic and tweet it, post it on FB, post it here, whichever is easiest. Make sure to tag me so I can go look!

Thanks to everyone who helps me celebrate this milestone. Your fuzzy critters make the world a better place!


One thought on “Fuzzy Critters Love Dragons!

  1. Eager to read your tale and am only two pages. So happy to finally see it in print. Great anticipation. Congratulations Alyc.

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