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Happy Birthday to Me!

Book Birthday, that is. It’s official. I’m a published novelist:

This is how I plan to celebrate today:

1. Tea, Toast, Incense, and Faeries (my usual morning ritual)
2. Unplug to input my handwritten revisions on Chiaroscuro
3. Chew my fingers off to keep from obsessively checking the internet
4. Shower. Nap. Drive to the Peninsula
5. Play in Marie Brennan’s L5R game, wherein I have been promised romantic hijinks for my bishonen shugenja
6. Eat garlic noodles and Kyle’s ninja-bread cookies
7. Sing on the drive home. I’m thinking showtunes. This may change
8. Obsessively check the internet for an hour before I crash. BUT ONLY AN HOUR
9. Sleep the sleep of the novelist, which is somewhere between the sleep of the Just and the sleep of the Damned

1 thought on “Happy Birthday to Me!”

  1. Congrats! Very late congrats mind you. Just happened to cross the book scouring the local Books-a-Million and giving it a shot cause coupon! Yay!

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