Not Ready for Prime Time

Wow. Assignments went up quicker than I expected!

First off, thank you, oh author-mine, for volunteering to feed my id. My thoughts here are a little meandering and messy, but I hope they provide good fodder for you to use.

Request 1
Thor (movies)
Thor and/or Loki

I gobble up this pairing like nobody’s business, so I’m pretty easy. There are so many different aspects of their dynamic that I love: brotherhood, Loki’s jealousy and irritation at a society that clearly doesn’t value his superior intellect, Thor’s adorable, golden-retriever cluelessness, and all points in-between.

If you’re up for it, I’d love to see a spin on the sort of team-up we’re being teased with in the next movie trailer. That is, Thor _having_ to go to Loki for help, and Loki kind of reveling in that need and lording it over them all, but also in that lording maybe Thor gets a glimpse of just how alienated Loki has always felt.

But really… anything with Loki being awesome and smarter than everyone else is what I’d love.

Finally, I embrace the head-canon that says that Loki was mind-controlled by Thanos for the Avengers movie, and that the whole ‘getting his enemies to team up and then making them stronger’ thing was his way of fighting Thanos’ mind control (similar to how Selvig found a subconscious way around Loki’s mind control). And then it took a few whacks from the Hulk to break the mind control. Because, seriously, Loki’s actions don’t make a lick of sense to me otherwise, and also… Selvig was able to find a way around mind control that Loki wasn’t? Puh-lease.

You don’t have to use this head-canon rationale or agree with it, but if you _do_ happen to agree with that theory, then please feel free to incorporate it, or explore it, or… whatever you’d like.

Squicks: MPreg, non-con, Jane and Sif bashing. I don’t usually like drunk-sex, but with Vikings it kinda seems appropriate.

Squees: Plot, porn, Loki being awesome

Request 2
Any Characters

I’m not even sure what I’m hoping for here, which makes me feel a little bad as a requester. I love this show (who doesn’t), I love all the characters, I love the world(s), and I love the conflicts, and I’d love to see what you’d do with a pretty open request.

If you’re looking for plot-bunnies. Um. Hm. Seeing some vignettes from down-times could be a load of fun, sort of like what we get in Out of Gas. Zoe and Wash’s wedding, Kaylee and Jayne having a bonding experience, Simon waking up in a hotel room in a woman’s dress next to a dead body, and the ensuing shenanigans. That could be a lot of fun, especially if you’re somehow able to tie them all together (but good lord, don’t feel required to!)

Otherwise, if you want to write me some sweet, shippy goodness, I will never say no to that. I think Simon/Kaylee is probably my favorite canon pairing for sweetness, but I like the marriage dynamic of Zoe and Wash. Their first date could be hi-larious.

Inara/Kaylee could also be cute.

Squicks: MPreg, non-con, drunk-sex (which is just non-con dressed up to go out)

Squees: Plot, porn, Characters being in character

Request 3
World of Warcraft
Koltira Deathweaver/Thassarian

I love these guys. Any point in their relationship is fine, and you can take it from bromancy to necromancy and all shades in between. Bonus points for hot sex, angst, and/or the two of them playing Alliance/Horde animosity against itself. Double extra bonus points if you have any inclination to explore the differences between the different paths (frost path = cold and unfeeling, blood path = extra murder rage, unholy = ew I don’t even know what?)

I usually have a really strong squick around non-con, but in the case of Death Knights, part of the thing I LOVE about them is that they’re always subject to the whispers of the Lich King (Arthas or Bolvar, doesn’t matter. A benevolent mind-controller is still a mind-controller!) If you have any interest in exploring the tension between what Koltira and Thassarian feel for each other, and the demands/expectations of their Master, that would be lovely. Especially something where the boys might want to be kind/loving/romantic/consensual with each other, but the mind-control injunction to cause pain/harm/trauma/heartbreak is something that is constantly causing tension and making them act other than they would (or having to fight against it/understand).

I don’t know if I articulated that very well, but those are my fuzzy thoughts.

Squicks: MPreg

Squees: Plot, porn, Death Knight ANGST! Lore, Horde/Alliance tension, Human/Elf tension (dude, humans imprisoned the elves in Dalaran on trumped-up charges, which directly contributed to Kael’thas going crazy)

9 thoughts on “Not Ready for Prime Time”

  1. I’m so torn on Dean. I mean, on the one hand, I think he’s a Hawk in dove’s clothing and that he’s a Right-leaning Democrat masquerading as something farther to the Left as to seperate himself from Bush.

    On the other hand, he is running on the “I’m not Bush” platform which means he’s not Bush. And you know, having a solid abortion rights platform plus not being Bush plus possibly being able to take the Democratic nomination makes him a pretty appealing choice.

  2. Allow me to add, however, that the 35% less apolitical-ness is uber-keen even if I remain dubious of Dean-o. If more people (including myself) were 35% less apolitical, the world might in fact be a better place.

    Of course I have absolutely no faith in the American political system to do anything but protect the intrests of corporations, so hey. I’m bitter and cynical.

    1. As are David and I, but allowing that cynicism to paralyze us into inaction is what got Bush elected(ish) in the first place.

      Practice the Tao of politics.

      Drink Tea.

      Come to the flyering.

    1. Heh…sometimes I wish I could learn Welsh, too! (it’s by far the hardest language I’ve ever done, and usually I’m good at languages) But, yeah. It’s my field language and I’ve been doing an independant study on it for a year. This summer I’m doing book translations as my final qualifying work. I’ll be very interested to see how a book like Harry Potter, which relies so heavily on word sounds and associations, will translate. Should be keen.

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