Hello Fanfic my old friend…

It’s all because I forgot to bring my lunch today.

I was standing in line at my work’s cafe, waiting for my grilled cheese to go with my tomato soup, when Flashdance… What a Feelin’ came on.

Before I knew it, I was absently bopping my head and mouthing along.

Before the song ended, I had an overwhelming desire to watch the film again. I mentioned this to a co-worker. He pointed out that Flashdance is on Netflix. Nooooo! I thought (and said) Noooooo! It will be bad. It will be so bad. It will be [title-redacted-so-as-not-to-hurt-

 ‘s-feelings] bad!

And then I thought… well… if it’s really bad, I can wash away the bad with the awesomeness of The Avengers (I’ve been on a Loki/Thor kick recently).

And THEN I thought… I could write an Avengers/Flashdance crossover fic where the Avengers have to go undercover as Flashdance dancers for some contrived reason, dancing ridiculously over-choreographed routines that no actual stripper EVER performs! In bright costumes! To cheesy 80’s tunes!!

Just… just imagine: Hulk smash! Water… SPLASH!!


I… I might HAVE to do this.

I’m sorry to the world.

Let this be an object lesson. NEVER forget your lunch!

6 thoughts on “Hello Fanfic my old friend…”

  1. see, i first heard about it sunday, but it was from Dave Barry, who often makes these things up. i’d yet to confirm it with a reliable source.

    so don’t you go thinking you got the skinny on us, lass…


  2. Crap! When you told me it was going in and out I didn’t realize you were still using it. I would have eeped repeatedly about bad power supplies.

    Well, at least you have backups. Backups good.

  3. OMG, glad you’re okay!

    I ordered a new power supply for my laptop off of ebay and the powercord did the same thing…

    I plugged it in, it fizzled, wires exploded, and it set my carpet on fire (just for a brief moment.)

    That’s some scary stuff…I hope you can get your docs recovered!

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