9 thoughts on “CWest Update, Day 1: The Harley Centipede”

  1. You need to chat with Kyle about his nocker, if you guys haven’t already. He’s not enough of a social scientist to quite resonate with all of this, but I think he’d approve on general principle. In fact, I may send him the link to this post.

    You’re also reminding me that some day I want to play a Son of Ether as a mad social scientist. But I need a few more years of grad school under my belt before I could do that right. ^_^

  2. fantastic article. and it’s very true, students rarely see themselves as the problem, or other than absolutely perfect in their own writing.

    I’m doing a project now that ties into the book Night by Elie Wiesel. It’s a webquest that requires the students to imagine they are an out-of-work vet of WWI in Germany at the rise of the Nazi’s and what they will do.

    They all want to say, “I would never have joined the Nazi’s.”

    then they have to do research and gain info and what a lot of them find is that they would have joined, at least at first.

    Ultimately, their character ends up as a guard at Auschwitz with orders to complete, “The Final Solution” and they have to decide if they would have gone through with it or not.

    Very strong stuff.


    if you want to see it.

      1. you’re welcome. I admit that I only put on my sight so that I could update the links that had broken, I did not make it myself or come up with the idea.

        But a good teacher knows when to steal from a great teacher.


  3. it kind of reminds me of a project I had in like 7th grade to write a new chapter to the hobbit. I wrote one that had absolutely no dialogue. I never really had the hang of it.

    1. Thank you!

      And you are safe to click. There are no bugs, just a long Harley motorcycle. If you haven’t seen or heard of ‘The Human Centipede’, you’re safe.

      And probably far better off. The Human Centipede is worse than bugs.

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