Three Gratitudes, Day One

 So, I’m trying out this "Rewiring My Brain" thingit that I saw on a Ted talk, and one of the steps is posting Three Gratitudes once per day for 21 days.

Gratitude #1
Cengage Learning – I’ve been here a year, and I really do like this environment and the people. Even the work, because it’s easy so I can do it right and be a rock star. I’m very grateful to have a job, benefits, and a salary that is stable and predictable. Also, they’re letting me go to Clarion West. And I know that I can work my way up to a better position in time. Those two things alone are wonderful.
Gratutude #2
My Stripey Scarf – Scarves! Who knew? I picked up four Pashmina scarves on a whim at a garage sale, and they are the singlemost interesting thing I’ve done with my wardrobe in some time. I really like how they look, and they’re warm and decorative without being annoying.
Gratitude #3 
My Mom – Is a wonderful, enthusiastic, giving lady, and I need to remember this more and appreciate it more. Yesterday she told me that she feels much safer talking to me than she used to, and I am so very grateful that we’ve been able to achieve grace and compassion in our communications, so that we can disagree without either of us feeling like a monster.
Although now I’m wondering if I should have put my mom before my scarf…

65 thoughts on “Three Gratitudes, Day One”

  1. Oof. In the good way. The whole “i love you” bit…heartbreakingly awesome. In fact, the whole thing–very sweet and sad all at the same time.

    (Told you i’d check every five minutes…)

    1. Glad I could get it up before you left (heh!) Also glad to know the “I love you” bit wasn’t too much. It came across really well in my head, but the transition to “paper” is sometimes not effective.

      One of the nice things about being at the Fox’s parents for the week is that I will have *lots* of writing time. This is a good thing, because my next bit for The Possibility of Ways is…ambitious.

  2. Marvelous work. Some parts are just heartbreaking, with him knowing that he’ll forget, though he doesn’t want to forget, and some parts are just mmmm. I love your portrayal of Rose. Excellent job! Your fics are brightening up my stressful life that’s been dedicated to customer service as of late.

  3. *sniffles*
    Nine…beautiful, beautiful, fantastic Nine. 😥
    God, you know how much I love this fic, don’t you? I love it! Love it! Love it!
    The gorgeously accurate characterisation…Nine/Rose.
    I love you!

    1. I love you too! I’m very glad to hear you’re loving this fic so much! It’s my first foray into real smut (as opposed to kiss/fade-to-black type stuff). In shameless self-advertisement, I’d suggest you check out my other fic, The Possibility of Ways, if you haven’t already. It is nine-eriffic, and we are coming up on the smut in a few more chapters.

      1. Alas, no we can’t.

        (Torchwood ends this season with a 2 hour Back to the Blitz Jack vs. the Outer Dark-a-thon! My nipples are hard just thinking about it.)

        I just finished watching footage of the Tar-Chase, by the way. The Christmas Special is going to be the high point of my weekend 🙂

        Freaking Squee.

        Me? I’m waiting for Ten to get his in the next part.

        I’m a gonna go back to reading Valeyard fic.

    1. Thanks so much! I really got myself into trouble with my tongue-in-cheek chapter numbering, but as long as I stay on my new improved chapter outline, I think I should be okay!

  4. Alright. I’ve been waiting to post any comments until you’d finished.

    But now, I just can’t stay silent.

    Gods, I love Nine. Oh, yeah.

    It’s been good up to now, of course, but this chapter…yeah.

    I couldn’t wait any longer to say, “I don’t often read fanfic, but I am wholly enjoying this.”

    1. Thanks so much! Hearing that you’re enjoying it really means a lot to me (in that “wow, I have totally arrived!” kind of way). And the fact that you’re a nine-fan just proves your awesomeness. Hope you can make it down for the who-athon. Let me know if you need crash space.

      1. Don’t know about crash space yet. We have some friends coming down for the holiday from Valpo and I don’t want to leave them hostess-less for the night, but I might since it’s a long drive and I have wanted a chance to chat you up a bit (but not during the Who-a-thon, cause I couldn’t stand to miss those great Nine lines)(plus, I didn’t get a chance last weekend to talk to you at all).

        You know what. Screw it. yeah, if you have some spare crash space could I bunk for the night? Right.

        I won’t be there until after 2 or 3ish probably though.

  5. This makes me very happy and is going straight into my memories. Well, the series as a whole to date.

    Sad, but beautiful and hot.

    I love it.

    PS. I think I fell in love with your writing!

    1. Thanks so much! The thing that’s funny for me about this is it really just came out of a title idea I had while listening to Pirates of Penzance. It was supposed to be a short one-shot to practice writing hard-core smut. I’m really happy with what it’s become, however. Oh…and I’ve been in love with your icon for some time.

  6. I just read all the parts so far and am eagerly anticipating more. Just the pick me up I needed after watching Doomsday tonight. The Doctor-on-Doctor action was extra tasty.

    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad I could help with the post-Doomsday blahs. That ending really left me limp and bleeding too. And yeah, the Doctor-on-Doctor stuff was pure fun to write!

  7. Finally got a chance to read this as I’ve been out of town…it’s fantastic! I can’t wait to read the rest. I’m also very glad to hear that you’re very wordy when writing smut…go ahead, turn it into an epic, I’ll read it all! 😉

    Loved the focus on Nine this chapter, it’s so heartbreaking that he has to forget all of this. The exchange where he tells Rose that he doesn’t want to forget was such a poignant scene. And I loved the “I love you” bit…it’s so hard for him to say the words, but he is so desperate to hear them from her.

    Really lovely all around!

  8. wow.

    Already seriously dark, in keeping with the tone of The Crow. I’m gonna keep reading now. I really enjoy it so far.

  9. Speed painting is AWESOME.

    And I have to agree with the Robin Hobb is a little crazy right now comment. I think anyone who can manage their time can manage a blog.

    Now online RPs on the other hand… Those are DANGEROUS. 😉 I find myself participating in those more than writing most f the time. It’s that instant gratification thing. >.<

    I'm so not that way about any blogs, tho.

  10. Yeah…this is the first time in my life I have actually actively liked and hoped for a presidential candidate other than feeling like one was less evil than the other. (to be fair I’ve only ever followed 2 campaigns, and was only old enough to vote in one of them).

    I really like Obama, listening to his speeches makes me feel less ashamed for being an American.

  11. I am but a student at the temple of Crow, ever trying to puzzle out the scrawings and squack—blargity lazer rays of voodoo bebop! Quick, somebody get the silly putty!

    You know… I still brag to people that I have a friend who managed to *break* silly putty.

    Peace out.

    Pease porridge hot.

    Piece of pie.

    Mmm. Pie.

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