The Road to Clarion West – And Now the Waiting Begins…

All the auctions are posted – well, not all of them, but all I’m allowed to post for this week. And now I wait.

… and wait.

Insert expected Inigo Montoya quote here.

I learned quite a few things in this first round. Mostly, that I take too long to write copy, and that it is a draining experience. But I also learned that I should have paced myself, maybe only posted 15 things a day, because the more I posted, the more money-anxious and body-anxious I got.

I also learned that I don’t mind selling these costumes half so much as I mind all the costumes I have lost along the way. Like everything that was in the Changeling office at Indiana University – my blue Irish dress from Faire, the green velvet 3/4 length cloak, my Breathless Mahoney dress, the Eisdrache and Sommerdrache cloaks, my competition kilt, Orion’s first dress, and a bunch of other things. That was quite a blow, losing all that stuff.

Then there’s other things I’ve lost over the years. My Sailor Moon costume and Anna’s King and I ballgown…

It made for a maudlin weekend. Not because I don’t have those costumes anymore, but because I don’t know where they went. Or maybe it’s just that this whole cleaning out process is harder than I expected.

In the meantime, I suppose I can post more embarrassing pics of Marie. That always cheers me up.

The pose in this one is particularly fun, because the whole hand thing came about because we couldn’t get the mask to sit right on her face. Not that Marie has a bumpy face. I just need to flatten the mask.

I should just blame Marie’s bumpy face. Except she has swords. Also, she can look scary. Case in point:

This costume might win the prize for most time/money spent as compared to least screen time. I wore this for all of 15 minutes as the emissary from the Empire of the Feathered Serpent at the Concordia I game.

Marie has this gift. We call it ‘stealth hotness’. See, most of the time she’s an attractive woman in jeans and no makeup and her hair in a braid, and I gawk at her ankles (because really, they are soooo pretty). And then she dresses up, and we all go ‘guh’. Also… I love the neckline on this dress.

If you ever wondered what she’d look like with short hair. Also, I usually don’t notice because of her hair, but she has a longer face than I realized.

I think she was getting a little tired at this point, but it’s a good place to leave things off.

Anyways, the main point of all this is, go check out my auctions!!

If you don’t want to buy anything, but still want to help, please, leave a contribution in the little box located on the front page of my main blog.

14 thoughts on “The Road to Clarion West – And Now the Waiting Begins…”

  1. I’ve been pimping that damn movie for years. If I’d known you hadn’t seen it after all this time, I’d have hit you with my copy.

    Amazing what you can do with good actors, a clever script, a cardbord box and a few grand.

  2. I need to watch it again simply because I missed, the first time around, that it had been filmed at places like UTD and the Richardson Public Library.

  3. That film is astonishing. Easily one of the best science fiction films. I yearn for the chance to teach it in a graduate level class on science fiction. I say graduate level because I don’t think it’d be possible to teach the film with making heads explode, and grad students are more used to having their worlds collapse on a regular basis. 😉

  4. Also worth noting, the Wiki pages for the film help to explain that there is anywhere from 2x to 6x as much plotline going in the timetravel flick as it appears there is, depending on your level of skepticism and paranoia.
    But noticing how your mentioning it was timed, I’ll assume you’ve already done the checking on that.

    Old news is only new if you’re just getting there to notice it.


    1. Well… y’know… she never actually _said_ I couldn’t…

      Hm. No. She still has swords.

      I think it says a lot that I’m more afraid of her than her twice-her-size husband.

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