The Road to Clarion West – Making Room for New Dreams

Did I say I had a lot of wigs? What I meant was I have a lot of costumes. Vintage, re-creation, fetish, character, dance. I’ve pretty much got stuff in every category. And after way more work than I expected, the first batch of items is up on my ebay store.

(Note to self: never try to get work as a copy editor. You spend way too much time on the blurbs, and they come out sounding corny anyways).

You can visit my ebay store at http://stores.ebay.com/teleidoplexcostumeandvintage. Keep checking, as I’m going to be adding items all day, but here’s some highlights:

I’d like to take this moment to thank the lovely and patient Marie Brennan (author of the Onyx Court books and the forthcoming A Natural History of Dragons) for being my clothes-monkey. She’s got a great figure, of course, but what I really love about her is that she’s a dancer, so she knows how to stand without slouching, how to shape her feet and legs, and how to soften her limbs so they look pretty and elegant and don’t distract from the dress.

That being said, throughout the photoshoot we had an ongoing discussion about the various issues around representations of women on book covers and in other situations where they are ‘posed’, because the ‘most attractive’ and ‘feminine’ poses I asked Marie to take were invariably the ones where she was least steady on her feet and in most danger of falling over.

But enough about gender representations! I’m trying to make money here! The dress above is one of my favorites, a discontinued red vinyl mermaid dress by Lip Service. You can click here to go directly to the auction.

Next up, we have Marie’s feet.

Um… I’m a little obsessed with Marie’s feet (again… she’s a dancer). She has lovely arches and turnout and… anyways. I’m also in love with these shoes, which are custom Gallardo flamenco shoes that I got to wear all off three times before I moved away from my teacher. Pick them up for a steal here. You can also get the awesome red and black swirly skirt here.

On to fancier stuff that I’ve made myself, this next outfit is not historically accurate, but it would be great for anyone going to the Labyrinth of Jareth ball. Or… y’know… you could just wear it while kicking around the house.

If you’re interested (or just want to see more pictures), you can check out the auction here.

Finally, if you really just want a simple, easy, Halloween costume, consider this Sally the Ragdoll dress.

I made this… a long time ago. How long? Let’s put it this way… the reason it’s movie accurate is because I went to see the film four times at the El Capitan theater and took my sketchpad along because I wanted to go as Sally for Halloween… but the movie wouldn’t be out on VHS in time.

Yeah. That long ago.

Check it out here.

And I’m going to stop embarrassing Marie now. Because she collects swords. And she knows Kung Fu. Go check out my auctions!

If you would like to help out, but don’t want to buy anything, there’s a donate button on the front page of my main blog.

44 thoughts on “The Road to Clarion West – Making Room for New Dreams”

    1. …. with one exception. Although the name’s usually spelled Wesley, in this particular case it’s actually Westley.

      –Bryn, resident Princess Bride Uber-Geek

  1. Alright… fair enough…
    Must be the reason that I never liked that swoopy smarmy blighter.

    BUT, I have to ask because I do not know. How many pirate movies have you seen? Have you seen all the classics? The Sea Hawk? The Black Swan? I’m assuming you have but just curious…

  2. Having a geekly childhood love for Golden Age Hollywood, I actually have seen many of the classics, including that marvelous musical extraveganza The Pirate, starring Gene Kelley and Judy Garland (one of the Duke’s favorites, I believe). I can even tell everyone that the ubiquitous pirate accent (arrrr, et. al.) is due entirely to Robert Newton’s portrayal of Long John Silver, Blackbeard Edmund Teach, and other piratical charachters in the 50’s. He developed the accent from the speech in his native Cornwall.

    Now, these classics fall into two categories. There are the lusty, murdering drunken men who sail the main looking for booty and boo-tay. The men who say “arr” and “avast ye, ye scurvy scum”, the progenitors of many of the pirates in Pirates of the Carribean (both the ride and the movie). These are the pirates I gather most people are referring to.

    Then there are the wonderful (though often a little femme) pre-Newton bucklers of swash such as Tyrone Powers, Errol Flynn, Burt Lancaster, et. al. These “pirates” are clean-shaven, erudite, tight-wearing, often misunderstood heroes rather than scurvy scum, and more prone to swash buckles than to buckle swashes. I have to admit that when people talk about loving pirates and pirates being cooler than ninjas, I don’t picture these fellas, cause I don’t think that these pirates are the pirates being referred to. I do like them and think they’re fun (though still not as cool as ninjas). Gene Kelley is by far the best of them, but that’s just cause Gene Kelley was the coolest and sexiest man of his time.

    1. Yes.. and he was a pirate. Gene Kelly never performed in any ninja flicks that I can think of…

      I applaud your stellar knowledge of pirates. This is the one reason why I have not sent my fleet of scurvy dogs to your side of the big water to sink your supposed “Secret Ninja Hideout.” Because you are so well educated in all that is cinematic pirates and privateers, when the time comes, you shall not be killed, merely ransomed.

      –Captain Blackstrap McGee–

      1. If you think that Mr. Kelley was in any way piratical in that movie, then you’ve never seen the movie.

        He did some good dancing, though!

      2. ‘Dere is such a thing as dancin’ pirates, lass.

        ‘ere… watch this!!!!

        *tappity tappity tappity…. slide… tappity tappity*

        See, Dancin’ pirates.

        And yes… He was a pirate… just a foofy one.


  3. I always knew there was a reason I identified so closely with Westley in that movie. Of course, he’s a ninja!

    Thank you for shedding light on the situation.

    Ninja forever!

  4. I knew you said it’s not finished but this summery just made too curious! for a good reason! This is pure genious! Every fan girls fantasy heh! Can’t wait till you continue this πŸ˜€ squueee

  5. Ooh… such a neat, logical reason why Nine would be needed along with Ten, to get back to Rose. Nevermind that us pervy Doctor fanciers wouldn’t care whether there was any logic to it. *grin* This part was great, but I’m looking forward to the next part even more.

  6. One time I walked in on him giving the TARDIS console a tongue-bath.”

    β€œI told you, I just spilled some tea.”

    LMAO!!! my favorite line in the whole story! i can just see david licking the TARDIS console with his tongue *dreamy sigh* lol!

    I love this so much! please hurry with the next chapter!

    1. I have to admit, every so often I write something that I find absolutely hilarious, and my greatest hope is that others find it hilarious as well. I adore the TARDIS tongue bath exchange. I’m so glad you liked it too!

      1. Oh, I dunno. Not to make you cry, but I think Part Ξ£ is shaping up very nicely. Look at it this way, you’ll *really* have something to look forward to (I hope!)

  7. This story has made me a bit giddy! Nine’s my favorite Doctor, but Ten is a close second and to have them both…what more could a fangirl ask for?

    Nine/Rose/Ten is now my favorite guilty pleasure paring!

    This was really fun and I love how in character everyone seems. And I love the bickering between Nine and Ten. I’m really looking forward to the next part. πŸ™‚

    1. Oh, wow. What a great icon manip. I looked at it and couldn’t figure out how I’d missed that scene. The look on Chris’ face is just perfect.

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the story. I was worried it would be too over the top, but apparently I’m not the only one who likes the idea of this particular threesome.

      1. I think this is the second story I’ve read where it’s this threesome, though it’s the first I’ve read where it’s actually the two doctors. Cuz I read one by that had them in it. πŸ˜€

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