19 thoughts on “Books I must read”

  1. I just read the first paragraph of the Prologue to this ….. I want this story!!!! I usually copy and paste to my computer to read a leisure … I do not forward on to anyone – can I get it?

      1. If the level of writing is consistent with what I have read – the first paragraph and the last bit of whatever part I used to comment – I will enjoy!!

        You have 9 chapters up – any idea of how many more you are planning and do you have more at A Teaspoon that I can read?

  2. He sat up, closing his eyes and dropping his head to his knees at that thought. However long she would stay, it wouldn’t be long enough. He had suffered so many losses, so many friends gone, and now he was confronted with all the things that threatened to tear them apart.

    I really loved the imagry here; him placing his head down like that really sets the emotions you describe in his thought directly after. Nice.

    “You’re up late,” he ventured, which caused her to smile again slightly. As safe introductory statements went, it was up there with “Nice night for it” and “Cold, innit?”.

    *Grin* Very nice return to The Doctor Dances dialog, I love that.

    A gaggle of comments intended to defuse the awkwardness of the situation jockeyed for her attention, but in the end she just leaned into him. His arms folded around her in a tight embrace.

    “Is it bad?” she whispered into the warmth of his jumper.

    “Yeah,” he sighed over her head, “it’s bad.”

    This is a brilliant, subtle ending to the chapter; the visuals carry through beautifully and it’s like I’m watching them and hearing them speak.

    Excellent. I’m looking forward to more.

    1. I’m so glad to hear the ending worked. I was worried that it lacked punch, but the rest of the chapter was so full of interior ruminations and very quiet interactions that anything more dramatic felt overdone to me. Thanks so much for such a thorough review. I really love hearing what worked for people.

  3. Hrm. Hadn’t realized that we had actually set a date. Damn, i should learn to pay attention.

    I may show up closer to 3, or i may not show up at all. I’ve got to figure out what exactly’s going on today, and Surly and i were maybe going to Indy to visit my folks. I’ll let you know for sure, but don’t let my absence stop you. I’ll catch up. (That’s what TARDISes are for, right? 😉

  4. If this is still occuring today and depending on the clubhouse clean up, i should be dropping in for a bit later in the afternoon…5ish.

    but i shall be sporting the saved portions of the yummy mango sorbet that i made for last nights shindig.

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