The Fairy-Tale Life

I'm engaged!

The ocean just asked for my hand, and I said yes!

… though… I suppose that huge 'Marry Me?' I saw drawn in the sand could have been meant for someone else. But I prefer the version where my life sounds like the start of an awesome fairy tale: "The Girl who Married the Ocean"

I may actually have to go through with this, eventually. But not right away. You know how these things work. The girl agrees on a whim to what she thinks is a silly bargain… and then the Fae hold her to it. And that's when stuff gets interesting.

Stay tuned for invitations to the wedding/beach party.

24 thoughts on “The Fairy-Tale Life”

  1. You can make it. I’ll be sending you a picture shortly, to remind you of some of the wonderful things Ireland contains — consider it an antidote to all the things the country doesn’t have.

    1. It occurred to me that I could post the picture online, and not leave everyone in suspense as to what it is (I’m sure you were all just tormented with suspense, weren’t you?). The pic I sent Alyc can be found here:

      If you have to ask . . . don’t. Just don’t. It’s safer that way.

      1. AAAHH Scared Now


        I thought I was free of those scary little creatures when Alyc left LA, but now you go putting them on the internet so that their dazed eyes will haunt me in my dreams.

        Still, miss alyc though!

  2. BEn stole my line, but yeah. we miss you too. just think–it’s pretty likely that you don’t have SARS and dysentery -AND- cholera!1

    and the puns here just aren’t the same without you.

  3. I used to have a real intrest in cholera. I guess it came of growing up around so many cholera cemeteries. I did reports on it for school and the like several times. Of course then again we also had “cholera month” in 4th grade, so it’s not like it wasn’t an encouraged interest. Hideously morbid in retrospect (especially the mock cholera burials where students had to be wrapped in funeral shrouds and the like) but encouraged.

    That’s abasiclly filler though, so I don’t end up repeating the same “We miss you, Alyc!” that everyone else is going to say. However, cliche’ or not, it’s true. We all miss you horribly. I mean, at the very least, I miss having someone around who appricates my puns. *grin*

    Get better!

    1. Heh.

      I used to think that dying of consumption sounded terribly tragic and romantic.

      However, I don’t think I’m blessed with consumption either.


      And Bryn is an evil woman for sending such horrifying pictures to a woman on her deathbed. Shame. Shame.

  4. Hey

    Hey, You forgot malaria

    Nothing says sick like malaria

    Yep, gotta love that malaria not even sure what it is but I know it kills more people than SARS every year.

    1. Re: Hey

      I do *not* have to love malaria. I prefer to not think about malaria. I definitely don’t joke about malaria. You see, I have a deathly fear of malaria.

      As for what malaria is, there are actually several forms. The basics of it is that it’s a family of parasites that live in mosquito saliva (not misquote saliva, as one of my students would have you believe). When in the mosquito, the parasite is essentially dormant. When mosquitos bite you, the parasite enters your bloodstream. It then begins its active life cycle. This consists of eating your blood, having sex, laying eggs, dying, eggs hatch, the larvae eat your blood, have sex, lay eggs, die. Eggs hatch, eat your blood, have sex, lay eggs, die. Hatch, eat, sex, lay eggs, die, hatch eat sex lay die hatch eat sex lay die hatch eat….and so on.

      Yeeeeeshiver! It’s just the most terrible think to contemplate. When they eat your blood is when you get the malarial episodes. There is no cure for malaria. There is no sure prevention for malaria (although the recessive sickle cell trait that causes sickle cell anemia is one of the best natural preventatives we have…which tells you how terrible the parasite is, when we need sicle cell anemia to fight it). And you are right, it is one of the main killers of human beings on this planet, mostly in economically depressed regions that rely on small area slash & burn farming for sustenance (this creates ideal conditions for malaria carrying mosquitos).

      So, now everyone knows a little about malaria, and about my phobia.

    1. Heh. Blame one of my students. I was teaching last week and their cell phone went off just when I was really on a roll. Completely derailed my train of thought, but also solved the problem I was having with the end of the chapter!

      Don’t worry, only a little while longer until the UST breaks.

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