Queerness and FTL Travel

I often brag about the brilliance of , but now I'm going to prove it. Instead of ranting about the stupidity of the current kerfuffle over the sexuality of love interests available in Mass Effect 3, she wrote a story emphasizing the stupidity. And it is a little piece of awesome.

Don't let the gay get on you! You'll never get it out!

And may I just add… which is more implausible? That a love interest will be attracted to Shepard no matter if she's male or female? Or that  love interest will be attracted to Shepard no matter if she's a xenophiliac do-gooder or a deeply racist asshole?

20 thoughts on “Queerness and FTL Travel”

    1. Book 6 is…interesting. Maybe it’s just me, but it reads like well-written fanfic. Lots of couples hooking up, lots of couply angst, Draco and Snape being ambiguous together, something tragic happening to a main character at the end, and a weird new concept with an implausible name being introduced. It definitely doesn’t have the appeal to me that Book 5 did. But then, I love me the ideological warfare.

  1. “The Deathly Hollows” rates about a 3.5 on the lame subtitle scale, from my perspective.

    I need to sit down and re-read the first books to bring myself up to date again. I can’t remember where I stopped reading at this point.

      1. See, I was thinking “Harry Potter and the *Crap! Emma’s still underage. Don’t look! Don’t look! Think of Snape’s buttons instead. Ah, that’s better. I’m such a naughty old perv*”

        Now, *that* would be a title!

      2. I still blame her for the twitching that starts up over my left eye every time i remember that i’m leaving for a family vacation in 12 hours and she hasn’t posted part three (or part iota or tappa kegga beer or whatever 😉 of her most recent piece and i’ll be anxiously awaiting getting back and reading more pron while hanging out with my fairly wholesome *family* and i’m terrified that after 4 days i’ll come back and it won’t be there and…

        *pause* *reboot*


      3. Part three will be going live tonight. Unfortunately, the behemoth has grown, and I believe there will be at least a part four and a part five.

        And just so’s you knows, your enthusiasm is awesome and very much appreciated!

      4. YES!1

        I mean Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!1

        I mean…aww hell. *grin* Hooray for part three…and hooray for parts four and five (and possibly more)…but goddammit woman!1 Yer such a tease.

        And like i said, you got me sucked into a story where i’m barely familiar with any of the characters or setting (as in, i’ve heard names). And you got m&s to start posting fic again. Not to mention my left-eyebrow-tic. So a little enthusiasm is the least i can do. (:

  2. My prediction: Harry’s totally going to eat it. On Halloween. In Godric’s Hollow. Probably by taking Voldemort’s new core-less wand to the spleen.
    Yeah. That makes sense.

    My hubby thinks the last book should be 1,000 pages of Harry/Ron porn. “And then Harry caressed Ron’s milky white thigh.”

    Yeah I love him. 😉

    1. LOL!

      Or the confusion is in my brain. You have it correctly, but I misread it. I swear I read Hollows! I think I need one of those sonic screwdrivers.

  3. I think that Harry comes out just fine, but Neville dies trying to avenge his parents and overcome his own problems.

    Harry lives a normal life afterwards and ends up with Ginny.

    Ron and Herm finally admit something between them, but one of the dies.

    Snape, also is killed while saving Harry’s life to pay back Harry’s father and make amends for the dead of killing D.D. in book 6.

    So, in otherwords, a whole lot of people die, but not Harry, and very few live happily ever after even of those that survive.

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