21 thoughts on “Hey look, a post!”

  1. I’m firmly in the “eh” category on the “somethin’g wrong” front. If there’s something wrong, I certianly can’t tell. Sure the weather is a bit irritating, but bunnies roam the streets, there are stores that have both bunnies and snakes to satisfy both the Queen and King of the Ravens, I have a working computer and am writing again, my family angst has calmed down considerably, Brenton turned 21 today, and at night when no one is looking Superheroes roam the streets of Bloomington.

    Personally, I’ve been worse.

    *shrug* Dosn’t mean that something isn’t wrong.

    We miss you, kiddo.

  2. My sense is not so much that something is wrong as there is impending change. It doesn’t seem to be a question of “what’s off?” but “what’s coming?” Sometimes change is exactly what’s needed, so it doesn’t have that feeling of hideous doom and despair to me. It more the feeling that a celestial circus is coming to town, and soon we’re going to be on some cosmic merry-go-round.

    Of course, we could just be freaking each other out, convincing ourselves this is happening…which leads us back to the Pook.

  3. Me, I’ve been sitting here going “really? Something’s coming? Something’s changing? If you say so . . . .” Frankly, my own sense the last couple of weeks has been that I’ve been stuck in stasis. Change might be a good thing.

    1. I’m not K8 or toothandclaw (dammit!) but I too prefer the 30th. Cause I can stay up past 9pm. As opposed the the 1st… which is followed by an EXTREMELY early 2nd.

      And that way I can help cap things off with the stuff and the thing.


    2. Punk — we’d already talked about M&C on the 30th. But the two can co-exist, for those who are okay with leaving the Whoathon around 7-ish or coming to M&C a little late.

  4. I have very much wanted to be exposed to the new Doctor Who, and would love to come to something like this! I could do either of those times, though I want to go to the Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul, which is Saturday evening. But yeah, I think it sounds fun!! 🙂

  5. Woot!1 I think i prefer the 30th, as Surly and i have absolutely no idea what we’re doing for New Year’s, so i don’t want to rule out the notion that we’ll be, say, out of state on that day.

    And hey…thanks. (:

  6. OOoo that sounds fun!! I’m having my Long Dark Teatime of the Soul on the 30th. Hmmm…. perhaps we could combine…. What say you? We could start earlier at my house than originally thought and play Dr. Who all day long on the big screen tv. Or not. Whatever you would like sweet fox.

    1. Well, I’m going to be concentrating all action on viewing (that is, I’m not planning it to be a background thing), and I believe given that both you and Castle N. are planning events for the evening, I’ll run until 7:00, which should take us through the London Blitz, but leave the evening free for your tea and their milk and cookies (but I may bring my own libation — a sonic screwdriver — to whatever evening event I attend)

      Thanks for the offer, though!

      1. Sonic screwdriver!! kitsune you rock!!! I just might stop by for som Doc Who in the Foxpad too. 🙂 I do like the series and have been enjoying it. One of the managers at B&N looks like Christopher Eccleston.

        Take care!!

  7. the “getting worse as you try to improve thing” applies to drawing and painting, too. I know I’m getting close to a level-up when everything I start to put out sucks. Consider it your own personal barometer, like XP.

    1. I’ll ditto that, but for dance and martial arts in addition to writing. I think anytime you’re pushing, are additionally mindful, you’re going to be rougher. I think of it like balancing a plate on your head. When you put something new, bigger, better on the plate, you will wobble for a while before you find balance again.

      You can do it!

  8. PEE ESS Because this will make you laugh.

    Jason was asked by his teaching mentor, and agreed, to come in and give a talk to the kids . . . on how a man can be a feminist. I am DEAD with pleasure.

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