Boo to Susan G. Komen

This is the email I sent in protest to Susan G. Komen:

"Yesterday, I found out that my grandmother has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Since several other women in my family have also suffered from breast cancer, and since it has been over a year since my last breast exam, I contacted my usual provider to schedule one.

Today, I read an article on NPR that indicated your charity is cutting off grants to Planned Parenthood. I URGE you to reconsider. For most of the past ten years, I have been without insurance. During this time, I depended on the services provided by Planned Parenthood. I am shocked and dismayed that a charity that claims to support women's fight against breast cancer would stop funding one of the best outlets that low-income and uninsured women have for early detection. This decision goes against everything your organization claims to be about. Until and unless you reverse this decision, I will channel my donations and volunteer activities toward Planned Parenthood. They are the organization that demonstrates time and again that women's health comes first."

3 thoughts on “Boo to Susan G. Komen”

  1. Digital Cameras and Pictures!

    The best gifts of all are the ones that boomerang back … and the pictures in your photo journal are an awesome gift! My being thrilled was one wonderful thing … your grandma was sooooooooo delighted! Especially the pix with foxy … especially so many birds so little time!

    Whew! I am soooooooo glad the camera works so well. Maveca does have a great digital camera reputation.

    (so says she who still hasn’t stopped to scan in her Amerstdam analog pictures. One more article and then I’ll do that pix.)

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