Yuletide Fic Recs, Round One

I'm not going to hit the obvious ones. If you haven't read the Octopus-steals-camera fic or the Tough Guide to Yuletide fic yet… you should.

But here's some excellent ones you might have missed:

Fandom: Oglaf
Title: Fun (For Fun and Profit)
Why it rocks: This was my gift fic, so I suppose I'm pre-disposed to loving it, but you know how you so rarely get exactly what you wanted for Christmas?  Well, I did get exactly what I wanted. An excellent fleshing out (heh) of the mercenary character as she investigates whether she is really impervious to fun. The author got the mercenary's voice _exactly_ as I'd expect it to be – scoundrel with a heart of something that might be gold except that she'd sell it if it was. Her interactions with the villagers of Meltwater had me in stitches. I have so much love for this piece that I think it deserves love from everyone else.

Fandom: The Last Unicorn
Title: Growing Together
Why it rocks: This could be a hard fandom, because the voice of the book is so unique – charming and wise and witty without being smug. Also, the story ended just where it should, so where do you go from there? This fic manages to toe the line on both those issues. The voice is everything I could want from a Last Unicorn fic, and the story is the one story I didn't know I still wanted to know. Just damn lovely.

Fandom: Twisted Princess (Disney Fanart)
Title: 待龙纹身的女孩 (Dài lóng wénshēn de nǚhái)
Why it rocks: The Mulan pic is one of my favorites of this fandom, and the fic does not disappoint. Everything about it is <i>guh>/i>-worthy, from Fa Mulan's role in her society, to Li Shang's reactions to her as he comes to recognize her for what she is.

Fandom: Tough Guide to Fantasyland
Title: A Special, Limited-Time Offer
Why it rocks: The Yuletide meta-fic guide has been getting a lot of (well-deserved) love, but don't overlook this one! It takes on the issues of Gritty Fantasy ™, and it's the kind of funny that is painful because it's true.

Fandom: Ship Series
Title: Chess, Charades, and the Body in the Next Room
Why it rocks: I think Alex and Tia's romance might be one of my favorites of all time, and this is an excellent continuation that explores the issues of her new embodiment during a little mini-adventure that felt very much like an epilogue adventure to the original. Very in-keeping with the tone of the rest of the book, and there's even a cameo from Fred!

Fandom: The Silver Metal Lover
Title: Cut Me Out In Little Stars
Why it rocks: This is the other top candidate for my favorite romance ever. This fic is heartbreakingly good. The author takes us into Silver's head, and while I was hesitant to follow because we never go there in the book, I'm so glad I did. NGL, I cried. If you loved this book… you need to read this story. If you don't know the book… argh… you should probably read the book first, then come back and read this.

8 thoughts on “Yuletide Fic Recs, Round One”

  1. I HIGHLY recommend Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next novels…the first one is the Eyre Affair. They’re not exactly Time Travel books, but time travel is an element, and the books are really, really good. If you haven’t read them, I think they are the sort of thing you’d like.

  2. Slightly spoilerific to describe them this way, but: Grant Morrison’s Invisibles and Seven Soldiers are both good closed system Time Travel stories. This doesn’t become obvious until the second volume of the Invisibles, but once you hit “The Girl Most Likely to…” (which stands as one of my all time favourite time travel stories) and “Sensistive Criminals” the time travel is on like donkey kong.

    Hell might as well make it a Morrison-fest and throw in the greatest comics Time Travel Story of All Time: DC 1,000,000. Following on the heels of the JLA arc “Rock of Ages” (which is an open-system story, oddly enough) DC 1 mill the be all and end all of supers time travel stories. The JLA of the 857th century comes back to the present to invite their ancestors to a celebration of Superman’s return from the heart of the sun. They send the JLA of the present forward and stay in the past to protect the Earth in the subjective minute that the JLA is supposed to be gone. Needless to say Hijinx Ensue and nothing goes as it should. Very Closed-System and more importantly, has characters (both good and bad) using the closed system as a tool by manipulating the true meaning of events even though they can’t change the events themselves. Also features many people playing the “long game” which gets my rocks off, personally.

  3. I’m a “Time After Time” fan for fun/good time travel yarns.

    And i love a solidly executed time travel tale as well.
    The Doctor Who is fun and sometimes brilliant, but the overall scope is ripe with contradictions, etc. thats what you get for 43 years of storytelling/writers/actors, etc.

  4. John Varley’s book “Millennium” is AMAZING!! It is my favorite time travel book/story every. DO NOT watch the movie though, totall destruction of an amazing book.

  5. and since no one else has said it, though you’ve probably already read it,

    Terry Pratchett’s Thief of Time is sorta’ time travel, kinda (and not the best book he’s written, personally)

    and Terry Pratchett’s Nightwatch. Which is a time travel story and one of his better ones, I think. And it’s a strange amalgam of closed and open systems. Everything will happen because it has happened, but not necassarily in the way you remember it because time hates alternate universes and is always trying to generally tidy things up around the place.

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