8 thoughts on “The Root is “Communis””

  1. Wow, Beakman and Jax… I completley forgot about them. I remember when the Enquirer picked them up after a write-in campaign. And that is a pretty damn nifty letter.

    And don’t give Darkangel (*snicker*) too much of a hard time. Sure you were a dweeb back then, but I, at least, would love to have the earnestness and depth of passionate dweebishness that I posessed in high school. I bet there’s parts of your life that high school dweeb Alyc would excell at.*

    *And besides, “Darkangel” is no worse a high-school poetry writin’ dweeby pen name than “Gabriel”.

      1. Nah…I like Wendy. Literary and brushing the fantastic without being pretentious. Unless you were naming yourself after the fast food chick, in which case, I mock you ;>

        We should totally have a bad-high-school poetry reading party, with booze.

  2. Just started reading this series, and loving it so far. Nine really is my favorite, and it makes me very happy to see him having new season 2 adventures with Rose, not to mention the old-Who parallels.

    For your Doctor/TARDIS reading pleasure, there is the slightly disturbing, sad, but extremely hot Divinity by red light special, over on whofic. Also, Asleep On A Lover’s Breast by The Blue Fenix.

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