21 thoughts on “SCHWAG!”

  1. I do that identity thing, too. I always say I’m from Texas or from the South – because I’m much more a child of those surroundings than Indiana.

  2. Kyle and I got only one day of rain in the twelve we spent in Ireland — but it was enough rain for twelve days, I swear. Still, us getting that two weeks of clear weather (and unless you went back the following year, that was three years ago, not two) was probably Ireland’s way of apologizing for the unforgivable climatological behavior of its sister land — and incidentally securing our loyalty forever. Or at least mine. Wales had pretty ferns and moss, but Ireland is still and will forever be the Promised Land.

    And I hope you’re getting pictures of this stuff, since the Rock of Cashel is on the list of things I wanted to see but couldn’t.


  3. I claim Indiana when travelling, and people know where it is. For instance, when at an internet cafe in Venice, Italy two years ago the clerk asked where I was from. I said Indianapolis, and his response was “oh yes! Race cars, 500. Vroom vroom!”

    Sigh. My home is known for people driving around in circles hours on end. Not REALLY a sign of intelligence, but then again I don’t have anywhere else to claim.

  4. foreign weather

    Amsterdam rained almost every day .. maybe it was actually every day. I decided to treat it like Hawaiaan rain. They say it rains over 200 days a year…. partially. So, I just pulled the jacket up and kept on going in the rain. Drys fast. 🙂

    I hope you have as much fun in Dublin as I had in Amsterdam. I hope the Dubliners are as warm and accepting as the Nederlanders were.

    Dr. Conna-Mom

  5. I have been reminded that to be from Indiana is to be a Hoosier (not an Indianan). My apologies to all you Hoosiers out there. I submit this as further proof that I am born and bred an Angelino (not that we ever usually call ourselves that…). I only know about Hoosiers from the Gene Hackman film ;>

  6. Smile and the world smiles with you

    Hey I just wanted to say this is the first time I have read a live journal let alone commented on one but only you Alyc could bring out the writer in me. I hope that you have gotten some of your stuff back. I missed you at the game but every thing was good. I’m a jealous, jealous woman. Have fun lady! I will see you soon


      1. Uh…

        Okay, call me dim, but I don’t get either of these references. But then again, I only just yesterday realized that all the Bookmakers around here don’t actually make books (see next main post ;> )

      2. Re: Uh…

        It’s a pro-wrestling thing. Color me unsurprised that you weren’t fluent in wrestler-speak. 😉

  7. Sometimes you were friends with a bloke, and you just ignored any possible attraction because you knew that in the long-term the friendship was more important than a quick snog or a shag.

    I think that right there is the heart of the relationship between Rose and Nine in season one.

    I’m really enjoying this story, don’t know how I missed it before. You probably posted it during my long abscence of internet. *Sniff* I have so much catching up to do…

    1. Yeah…I love how every time anyone calls them on the obvious, they do everything but roll their eyes and whistle to ignore it.

      As to missing it, this is my first foray into LJ for fanfic purposes (I’ve been using archives), so I just tossed the entire thing on at once. Updates should be coming weekly through the holiday season!

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