23 thoughts on “Back to Poughkeepsie”

  1. Clearly, I have to go back to Ireland to see those foxes. (Oh, the horror.) I missed them last time, even though Kyle and I went to Christ Church — in fact, I think we went more than once, for whatever reason.


  2. I think I need to go on record and say that this is just yet ANOTHER way the Church organization radically descriminates against differing Tricksters! Where, oh where, is the Coyote Pilgrim church? Where, oh where, are the naves covered in Coyotes? I see what this is implying… Foxes go to church, Foxes go on pilgrimages, and Coyotes just eat your chickens! I’ll have you know that I have sat down to some mighty fine chicken meals with some Fox-folk. Heck, it was there plan to raid the chicken coop in the first place!!!

    Coyote’s are not good enough to be put in church naves! Why is that? Just because we tend to be a bit overly fond of drink and cream pies??? Just because we like to regularly pants any priest geting to uppity with his sermon??? We deserve the right to our own nave, damnit! We don’t just deserve it… we demand it!

    And not some lame place like Skulliwag, Tennessee or somesuch but a place cool like this Fox church location… like Scotland, or Washington, or… or… or… behind a bar! Yeah!!

    *looks around*

    So… There.

    (Keep up the great tales of adventure! Its good to hear about your travels and good to know you’re over there having a grand ol’ time!)

  3. “Has anyone else actually felt laughter and tears of joy bubbling up from nowhere?”

    I understand the feeling you had. I felt it when I saw the Sistine Chapel.

    And don’t let the Catholic paradigm get in the way of a spiritual experience. This comes from a proud practitioner of Cafeteria-Style-Catholicism.

    1. Faith is Faith is Faith. You don’t need any particular religion to feel the power of a place that is holy for so many people.

      I’ve felt the same in Notre Dame, Chartres, Sacre Coeur, the Palace of Versailles (okay, so I’m a damn Frenchie) and out by the giant sycamore tree near my parents house. All holy.

  4. I don’t think they really have a particular name…sorta like hair ties, doohickys, thingys

    Here they are called squeeze water snakes, water tubes:

    I loved those things when I was a kid, I used to get them from the special olympics.

    (I put in google search “slippery toy tube” got some interesting sites too!)

  5. OK. This has officially annoyed me. The rough topological shape you’re describing is a torus, and I know more or less what you’re talking about, as well. I’ve asked all of the chat channels I typically hang out on and googled on pretty much every variation of “toroid water toy” I could find. I’m coming up with nothing here. Bah. I fail you. I’m sorry; my google-fu was weak this time.

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