19 thoughts on “A cycling tour of Half Moon Bay”

    1. Bah. You people and your Naming.Some of us prefer to call it WorldShaping.

      Not me, mind. I prefer to call it Play-Doh. I’m not your average bear, however.

      1. Okay, one, ONE, playdough = wheat = secret of freakin’ bread making! Yeah, seriously, eyes are windows to the DOS prompt o’ the universe an’ sum shit. 2, two, *flips hands* you mess wit’ the bull, ya get the horns, but that’s besides the point. 2, I broke putty. I BROKE PUTTY. Putty – like a half step from playdough. Hell, even a little more resilient and sexy than playdough. Putty = playdough+, Playdough = secret of bread making, secret of bread = words, words = power, playdough = the world, putty = the world plus, putty = arcardia, I broke arcadia. Wit Me Hanz!!!!!! Alright, no chugging caffine right after a loooong ass day of work followed by spazzy gaming movie clips…

      2. *anueurism of giggling*

        So, does that mean bad touch makes the world go round? Or wrong? Or the sale of Kid Gloves of Madness +5? The world may never know.

    2. Whaddaya mean “you people”? I’m just trying to recuperate linguistic control from The Man (the man, in this case, apparently being named Dick, appropriately enough. Man, this is so meta!)

  1. “Oh,” the Doctor considered this a moment, then shook his head and got back down to explaining, “Well then, imagine that time is a wet-willy that isn’t a wet-willy.”

    Very Douglas Adams here; I love this.

    And, my God, your Who science jargon is to die for! I am so not worthy. This is fantastic.

    1. Thank you so much! I have to admit, pretty much everything I know about quantum physics I learned from “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and comic books. I’m more a social sciences girl. I’m glad it doesn’t come across as completely confusing or cracktastic!

  2. “Well, that’s just the thing. I’m a Time Lord. I’ve had ages of training to learn how to work my willy.”

    Thank god I wasn’t drinking anything….it would have gone everywhere.

    1. It is in Half Moon Bay, but that’s because we’re right on the ocean, and there’s a hill between us and the rest of the world that traps the clouds. Seriously. Bryn and Kyle live 15 minutes away from me, just over that hill. I will leave in drizzly, foggy bits, and right as I crest the hill, I will drive out of the cloud and into bright, sunny, and warm.

      It’s Lovecraftian in its awesomeness.

      Miss you much! I may want to commission a Mr. Mystic ‘cover’ from you. Something sleek and noir-ish, but with swirly dragons. Interested?

    2. I work in SF right on the coast, and I can count the sunny days I’ve seen over there on one finger. Wheras I’d have to get naked to count the foggy, misty chilly days where you can’t see anything. Generally by the time I’m in central SF or on the bridge home to Oakland (5-10 minutes not counting traffic) it’s sunny and warm again.

      Microclimates are weird.

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