Thank god for Pandora.  Somehow, I completely missed that Loreena McKennitt released a new studio album in 2006 (after a 10-year hiatus), an expanded one in 2008, and another completely new album in 2010.  How did I miss this?  I must have been living under a rock!

Also… apparently ES Posthumus has two albums I’ve never heard of, so I’m going to have to get those as well.

This is excellent news, because I have little doubt that these five albums will form the core of the music-scape for The City of Light and Shadow.  Yay!

7 thoughts on “Music!”

  1. We got sunshine anyway. Well, some clouds rolling in and out, but about five drops of rain in total, and some very nice light the rest of the time. Apparently you messed up and sent us all your sunshine. <g>

    As for the snow cones, I was very sad that IC there was no way in hell I was taking one, ’cause I wanted a snow cone OOC. 😦


  2. So good to hear that you are there and doing well!

    Dragon-rides?!?!?! Hey, I wanted a dragon ri–
    Oh. Thats right. Nevermind. No, I don’t…

    (check out my “other” journal when you get a chance…)

  3. Just started reading, and realized I hadn’t said word one; I love this. The way you’re writing this Doctor is so lovely– I hear him and that’s an awesome quality in a story.

    Love the line about the “sleek look, me.”

    1. Thank you. The sleek look comment is a nod to my interest in costume design. Whoever did the costumes for the show had a really good eye for shapes and lines, and creating iconic looks that didn’t scream iconic. And I’ll stop now, cause really I could diverge into talking about costuming for pages!

      Thanks so much for all the reviews!

  4. just started reading after you posted in your other journal.

    Gods I love that Eckleson Doctor. The voice, the grin, the fit of his clothes.

    Ok….so I’m going to go sit in a corner until this urge passes.

    excuse me…

  5. The new Lorenna McKinnet was kind of underwhelming for me, but “The Wind that Shakes the Barley” is absolutely haunting. And the E.S. Posthumus albums are perfectly epic for all things. “Antissa”, from the first one, was always my song for the Nochnetsya.

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