Writing ponderables…

 How does one go about researching bladder configurations in zeppelins, dirigibles, and other balloon-oriented flying machines?

Also, hull configurations for shipping versus passenger versus sporting/messenger types.

I come to you even before I go to google – cause I’m lazy like that.

20 thoughts on “Writing ponderables…”

  1. ::hugs::

    It’s good to know you are alive and well a long way away. And people ask you for directions as an excuse to talk to you. Trust me. šŸ™‚

    So… which way to my email? Oh… yes, there it is. And thank you for smiling at me, you lovely lady, you.


  2. Further aspects of the Promised Land: people think you belong there. That’s how you know you’re home. šŸ™‚

    I’m highly amused that, so far at least, your LJ updates are far more frequent now that you’re in another country. But this is a great way to keep us all informed on the project, so I say update on!


      1. > My Promised Land is Toronto? That’s a kick in the shins. <

        Well, say the condition mentioned above is necessary but not sufficient. I think you also have to spend at least a week and a half deliriously dreaming of the place as the home of all that is wonderful and good (like napkins, walls, and chairs with backs) before it becomes the Promised Land.

        Oh, and there’d have to be unicorns in Toronto, too.


  3. Update on…and Quinn is my Nephews’s name

    On the subject of your lost luggage, your brother (my Devon) takes the same tack as you “oh well, that’s not so bad, at least they go her to Ireland safe, sure the luggage will be along shortly” and He sends his love too.

    I second Bryn keep the updates coming…I like knowing your alive and well and taking pictures…you are taking pictures right,..I mean if your camera is not in the bag with everything else.

    And by the way … we had like NO idea you were out of the country…I mean we knew you were going to leave..but that whole when part seemed to have slipped by us..your mom is in amersterdam at the moment..and devon leaves for Kansas City on Sunday..it seems that travel is well aspected for the Helms/Condon family.

  4. Pictures

    Well, that’s the one part of this that might turn out to be a long-term pain, and that I will not budge on when it comes to U.S. Air compensating me for my trouble. Today was pretty much a wash, but I’d planned on not getting much done today what with sleep deprivation and all. Tomorrow I had a full plate planned and was going to get into my research, but I won’t be able to do any of it until I get my luggage because my camera and mini-recorder are in the bag. So I have to wait around the hostel until they contact me and hopefully deliver my bag, but that could be any time tomorrow. Oh, they will be compensating me for that. I have no qualms about cordially being a prick.

  5. Heya gorgeous:

    I already miss you TERRIBLY šŸ™‚ Sorry to hear about the luggage fiasco – I hope they find it and get it to you soon. If you need me to send anything, just let me know!

    Changeling today – I was able to find a snow-cone maker at Wal-Mart (chuckle). I’m starting a list of important gossip and news (IC and OOC) so I can fill you in on everything, in order, when you get back. šŸ™‚

    I politely asked Brenton’s Settite to leave the city last night, and he did. šŸ˜‰ Much less stir about the whole thing than I expected.

    Anyway – we’ll miss you today especially – send some sunlight our way!

    love, your fox.

    1. Yeah, what she didn’t tell you is that we totally failed. Torn’s coming back minus an arm and they’re leaving Lugh behind, paralyzed from the waist down. I’m not going to even go into Azriphale’s new job. Although it will be neat to see Red in Arcadia. That and Shirley Temple is now the one true Queen of Ireland. *That* was a messed up side plot.


  6. I killed and/or ended more PC’s than any other game in Changeling (well, they killed themselves, but they were awesome deaths, so it’s good). I believe our survival rate was 30%.
    Did you know I have started thinking of you as “Nuke ’em” Helms? šŸ˜‰

    LOVE!!! And I hope your school work is going well.

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