If only I had…

This morning, I’m thinking about tragedies and paths not taken.

I slept in this morning.  Usually I’m up at 6:42am, or thereabouts.  I make my breakfast, eat it while I check email and surf news sites, and I’m usually awake and working by 7:30am.

Almost every morning since I moved into my new place, the resident dogs have come to join me.  They’re both very old, so they pretty much just flop out and sleep.   Si Long (a Lhasa Apso) has a towel by my bed that is his ‘place’.  Several nights last week we even had sleepovers.  He’s a grumbly little old man, and although most of the other residents of the house don’t like him, and although I’m a pretty dedicated cat person myself, I kinda fell in love with him.

This morning when he went out for his constitutional, he was hit by a car.  He didn’t make it.

And I cried.  Am crying.  But… and I hate this the most… I’m self-recriminating.  If only I hadn’t wasted an hour last night surfing reddit, then maybe I would have woken up on time this morning, and Si Long would have been sleeping on his towel when his owner called him for his morning constitutional.  It would have taken him just that few seconds longer to yawn and grumble and get up, and… he’d be sitting here with me now.

This is why I need control over quantum realities.  I’d only use my powers for good. To save old, grumbly dogs and avoid parking tickets and stuff like that.

9 thoughts on “If only I had…”

  1. I love that woman’s art soooo much. 🙂 Good luck! (I saved for a long time so I could get one of her watercolors – which I did at Gencon…)
    Count me in for a contribution! 🙂

    1. I mean…wait.. that didn’t sound right. I understand the wanting of the original! Hell, yeah! I was just asking non-chalantly if you have a copy of it already cause… uh… no reason!

  2. Oh no. I’m so sorry, for you and for his owner.

    You know, of course, that things like that aren’t under your control. But the feeling of guilt doesn’t pay much attention to logic.

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