5 thoughts on “Language Acquisition and the Social Landscape”

  1. my shameful love of Disneyland
    I love Disneyland too. And Epcot and Animal Kingdom. It’s Glamour people, Glamour!!

    As for bunnies, well I have a very good friend who, for her, seeing bunnies is a blessing. 🙂 Cool!

  2. bunnies are cute. we have a warrne that lives under the porch of our neighbor. They run about and stuff. They have very little fear of us. I suppose that since we are an armadillo and wallaby we pose little threat to the bunnies.

  3. “Foxes chase bunnies, and so do pert blonde girls. Bunnies run in terror (either because they don’t want to be eaten, or because they are late, or both). As an aside, this has amusing ramifications for my friendship with moonandserpent.”

    Indeed it does. Fascinating.

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