Le Sigh…

Well… shit.

So, remember how when I posted about my blue hair that it was a sure sign I was going to be getting a job soon?

Guess what?

After several rounds of phone interviews, I have a face-to-face with the head of HR next week.  It’s a bit of an entry level, but they’re actually considering me for several positions, and it’s a big company so there’s lots of movement potential.  She even said that if I had just a bit more experience, they’d be considering me for a higher up position.  So… yeah… I’ve been here before in the past year.  A lot.  But I have a good feeling about this one.

I also… have blue hair.

Blue Hair

It’s toning down, but it’s still recognizably not natural.  So now I need to decide what to do.

1.  Tell them the truth, interview with blue hair, and hope that doesn’t blow my chances.

2.  Get a box dye from the drug store and hope I don’t destroy it all to hell and back (because I can’t afford a pro-fix before Tuesday).

3.  WIG!!

Why yes, I did just happen to have this sitting around.  Which is lucky, cause the rest of my wig collection is still down in L.A.  I just took it out of the bag, so I need to let it  air for a few days to settle.  But… it doesn’t look too bad. Actually, I look a lot more professional and put together than my usual blowsy-frowsy self.

Any opinions?

21 thoughts on “Le Sigh…”

  1. You kicked my ass….but that’s to be expected

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  2. Wish Bryn and I could be there, but we’ll be in Boston at that point. Sorry you weren’t able to hang out at all last night, and I hope that David is feeling better.

  3. Congrats and good luck!

    My say on the hair/wig depends on what kind of company it is (i.e. how stuck up the corporate culture is likely to be).

    Re-dying the hair or the wig are probably the safest bets, which is sad, because I dig the blue.

    1. They seem California casual, but it’s hard to know until you’re already there. And I too am sad for the blue. Maybe I’ll just do wigs all the time if I get the job. It’s way easier than styling.


  4. I have this problem myself. Each time I try to grow a beard, I get a job interview. It’s gotten so I start growing a beard whenever I need some employment mojo.
    I say wig it. It looks good and we’re all in drag for job interviews anyway.

    1. True. I’m mostly worried that the interviewer will go “why are you wearing a wig”… but I don’t think I need to be too worried about that. It’s a good wig, and people usually aren’t that observant or that rude.

      1. the first time I met you you were wearing a wig and I didn’t realize.
        Even later on, you fooled me with a wig. I think you know how to rock the wig well.

      2. I concur. Concurr. Whatever.

        Also, if they ask about the wig, that’s when you cue the big teary eyes and then say something about how they can’t ask about your medical history. (;

  5. . . . wow, does that wig make you look different.

    I think it’s dumb that your hair color should be an issue, but we live in a dumb society sometimes, so yeah. I’d say wig or dye, with a preference for wig.

    1. Heh. I used to joke that my super-power was the ability to not look like myself. I can’t look specifically like anyone else, but I’m very good at making myself not look like myself.

      Or maybe… I’m just not that memorable? πŸ™‚

      I’ll probably wear this over on Sunday so I can get the opinions of live people.

      1. No one who has had HR training will EVER ask you about wearing a wig because it too quickly becomes an accidental “do you have cancer” question.

  6. I say keep the blue hair – and mention (if they don’t ask) that it’d take about 20 minutes – or a wig – to change it if they are interested in bringing you on.

    (I interviewed many a time with the purple hair and got many temp jobs and such.)

    There’s no sense in putting on much of a masquerade to get a job – if a place doesn’t want you as you are, then you’re probably not going to be happy there in the long run.

    Though, short term money needs – especially when wanting to escape from the simian testing lab – makes people do many things.

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