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Inspired by a friend of a friend (who may be becoming a direct friend) and the fact that I’ve been seriously glumpy the past two weeks, I kinda want to do something like this to my hair:


Maybe a blue more in the aquamarine range.  And recognizing that I’m not nearly as cute as the girl in the pics πŸ˜› 

But anyways… what do folks think?  Or is this just February/bad-weather/fricken-valentines-day-i-will-be-alone-forever-i-suck/why-arent-real-guys-as-awesome-as-alistair-from-dragon-age gloominess that will soon pass?


18 thoughts on “”

  1. Cuando los Angeles Lloran…llovera

    I love reading when its reading what you write.
    So to answer your assignment, I found god in water. Water is the most important resource on the earth, and it sparkles, and its blue and green or clear, and its cool or hot, steamy or solid, above us in the sky or below us underground, water is everywhere. And its dying. Water is being poisoned by industry, farming, waste, its being poisoned by men (and women). We can’t get it anywhere else, its what makes our planet special, its what makes our planet blue, we have water we can drink, but for how much longer? When I say I found god in water, it is because in thinking about water I could finally imagine the existence of god, I thought about all that water made up, the air, our bodies, the plants and animals, and I thought to myself that for me this was proof of the existence of God. I cant explain the how and why of that thought, because for me it just is, the existence of water is proof of the existence of God, I could no more reason it than I could reason out how I know I exist. I just do. But when I think about it, I am happy, so I like it and I love water in all its multifaceted, sparkley, goodness.

      1. Re: Cuando los Angeles Lloran…llovera

        Officially No, I am an aquarius, 2/18 is the last day of aquarius. If you’ve got someone who can do my chart, I will give up the relevant info, just to see what the results would be.

  2. hello God/Glamoure

    rays of sunlight that you can actually see in rayscoming down through the clouds. that kind of sunlight even feels warmer….
    And then I rediscovered a spring afternoon (and I generally don’t dig spring the most) but in a clear blue sky, budding tree branches singing birds and a feeling of unity with the world as I looked out a 2nd floor hallway in my Catholic high school

  3. Alyc, you’ve already used me for an example on this, but it feels good to get it in writing. πŸ™‚

    I like playing with numbers. I get a certain joy out of little tiny scribbles that make sense of lots of languages working out, both forwards and backwards, to the same result. I was one of those super geeks who always “checked her math” by reversing the equation. And everything can be made into math. Physics, ergonomics, geometry…

    Math doesn’t lie. It’s not subjective, and spelling does not count. It’s extremely black and white (yes… even the whole square root of -1 thing) and either you’ve got it, or you don’t. You can feel the lightbulb turn on in your brain. And absolutely, things that are black and white can be full of glamour!

    Unfortunately, I didn’t figure this joy out until about a month before I dropped out of college. I think things would have been different had I seen the love earlier.

    As for finding God.. well.. no.. I don’t see God in math. That’s a whole longer post.



  4. Papist trappings πŸ˜‰

    One of the saddest things about Protestantism, I sometimes think, is the way it stripped so much of the ritual and decoration from Christianity. Yes, a fair amount of it served to enrich the Catholic Church at the expense of the people, or to obfuscate religion so that the common person could not understand it, or various other nefarious purposes — but it also made it special, something more than everyday mundanity. Decoration can be wasteful extravagance . . . or it can be a means of lifting your heart and soul closer to God. Ritual can be deadening or brainwashing . . . or it can be a comforting rock to stand on, or cling to in times of trouble. The King James Bible may be a bad translation from the viewpoint of meaning, but I’ll grant it this one thing: it’s a gorgeous work of literature, far and away better than the ones we’re producing today.

    As for where I find glamour, I find it all over the place. In Gothic cathedrals and little out-of-the-way Shinto shrines, in sunlight and in starlight, in the Great Plains or a rainforest, in the touch of well-made fabric, in the sound of beautiful music or in the blessed silence of the Aran Islands — one of the few times I can remember that the world around me has actually been *quiet*.


  5. I would say, if you’re going to do it, go to a salon; speaking from experience, the manic panic route leaves you with blue pillowcases. Which gets old after a while. That said, i miss having blue or purple hair, and wish i could have it now.

    1. I really like the way the Swan’s friend’s hair turned out, so I’ll probably get the name of the person who did hers. Cause yeah… if I’m gonna do this, I don’t want to half-ass it.

      1. I’ll 2nd the Salon, at least for the 1st time, especially if its a tricky colour – as opposed to “whatever colour the gunk in this bright blue bottle comes out as when put in my hair for 8 hours blue”.

        Do it! You’d look wonderful!

        However, also know that its an upkeep commitment, and that learning to maintain it yourself will save you loads of time and money, in the end.

        The only reason I’m not currently blue, is that my ‘hawk is too short for it. I miss it – even if it would cover up the metallic silver streaks I’m developing.

        (And Alastair, really? Really?)

      2. “(And Alastair, really? Really?)”

        Spoken like a person who doesn’t think Morrigan is an irredeemable *bitch*.

        Yeah, Alistair. He’s heroic, adorable, funny, romantic, has a core of solid awesomeness that peeks through the dorky exterior, and an ethical base that doesn’t consist of bitching and whinging every time you help somebody out even when it serves your agenda.

        Alistair: Gives you a rose and talks about licking lamposts and flying gryphons.
        Morrigan: Gives you lip and has sex with your boyfriend so she can give birth to his elder-god demon-baby.

        I can see why you’d prefer one over the other. But let’s face it… you know she’s a snake, right?

        But don’t worry. You’re not alone. The Fox thinks Morrigan is the bomb, too. *coughs*

        Kitsune – hating Morrigan since 200?

      3. No, no, no, you misunderstand me. Morrigan IS an unredeemable bitch. And she has the crazy eye.

        Which makes her the sexiest (relationship capable) NPC in the game. But she’s a horrible, horrible, bitchy, manipulative person and she only manages “awesome love interest” in my playthrough, oddly, because she leaves. Its far easier to romanticize the Morrigan-shaped-hole than Morrigan herself.

        (True on several levels, I guess. *badumching*)

        Leliana is the real relationship material, there, if Kevin were a Grey Warden. And besides, I’ve stopped hooking up with snakes.

        Alistair – while by far the best love interest for the non-female-seeking types in the game – strikes me as “what if a Judd Aptow character got class levels?” He’s Seth Rogan in plate mail. I don’t get it. Maybe because I never managed to get far enough in his bromance to find his hidden depth, I didn’t see his redeeming qualities, but he’s kinda irritating.

      4. Um… are we talking about the same Alistair? Cause I don’t see the Aptow/Rogan connection at all. He’s neither crude nor bumbling. If I were to compare him to a media character, he’d be more… the Flash (Wally West style).

        Side comment from the Swan: He hits the Jocelyn button (from J. Carrey). And a side-side comment from me: That’s the best lure anyone has ever given me for reading the Kushiel books.

        Also… I guess I’ve never really gotten into the crazy=sexy thing. I thing ‘treat you right and value you as a person’ is a lot more sexy.

      5. He’s totally bumbling, not so much on the crude, but he’s a whiny manchild that keeps trying to dodge responsibility. I mean, its good to have shield bash in your party, and he’s funny, but… I don’t get the love for him. I feel guilty about forcing him into a loveless marriage, though.

        Ahhh, Jocelyn. Let me count the ways I hate you and your inexplicable mood-swings and self-loathing and religious banter. He’s a black mark in those books… or at least as far as I could get in the series.

        There’s “I’m a mature functional adult and wow, I could see myself spending the rest of my life with this smart, funny and sexy person I respect and cherish and with whom I want to take on the world” sexy and then there’s “this could be the best six hours of my life, if i live” sexy. Also, and this is applicable with Morrigan, theres “i hate this person so much I want to make sweet, sweet love to them” sexy.

        The last one is important, because I once described my Grey Warden’s – who kinda hated humans – reaction to Morrigan as “The only person who hated Morrigan more then he did was Morrigan herself. And that gave them something in common.”

        If it makes you feel better, my Commander Shepard would totally have just spaced her as a liability and moved on.

      6. Oh, and you’re dead on about the Flash thing… early Wally West, though. When he was still a tool and hadn’t grown up at all. Back when even Superman was all “there’s no way this kid can follow in Barry’s footsteps.” I sense that part of the different takes is that I never managed to get him really friendly, as he’s too prone to hissy-fits early in the game.

      1. Yep! I am writing fic, but i’m at work right now–if you look at my LJ, it’s all there and all unlocked (so easiest way might be to log out and look at my LJ). It’s all been Arthur/Eames Inception stuff, and in the next couple of days i’ll be posting an Arthur/Eames Inception/Brick/Rocknrolla crossover. πŸ˜€

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