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Got to a bit of a rough start this morning; got to a rough end last night, in fact.  Nothing major, just grumblyness about people cooking in the kitchen until after 10 when it’s my night to clean it.  I hate frittering at the best of times.  Frittering to clean just stinks.

I also pulled Gawtcha last night as my guide for today, which made me immediately go ‘oh shit!’.  No taking the car out in case I get pulled over, or I get a flat tire, or it breaks in some other magical, meaningful way (not all magical meaning is good).  There is no greater fear for a devotee of Hermes than to have your mobility truncated.  Even worse is to have both your mobility and your finances affected.

So I went to bed anxious, and I had weird dreams about how I was staying with my parents in this huge mansion, but they were on vacation.  I invited a few friends over, and it ended up being a John Hughes-level high school party, complete with things breaking, naked guys passed out on my bed, messes being made… the works.  And I wandered around trying to figure out how to get all these people out and the place cleaned up before my parents got home.

So… rocky start.  But now I have peach juice, and things are looking up.  I have strong, positive associations with peach juice.  I first had it when I was 13, and I was living for a short time with my mom up here in Mountain View.  I think of that time as the time when I came out of my shell, grew up a bit.  My glasses were disposed of for contacts, I’m pretty sure my braces came off around then, too.  I got grown up clothes instead of the little onesie jumpsuits with purple hearts on the chest that my dad and stepmom insisted on buying me.  I got boobs.  I read my very first romance novel (Not sure I recall the title – Midnight Madness or something like that – but Slade Rockwell, alpha-male CEO of… something…  and Holly Holbrook, virgin-mistaken-for-whore secretary of Mr. Rockwell, will forever be burned into my memory).  I may have even gotten a friend or two.

And I associate all that with peach juice, because my mom used to buy it in these little bottles, and I had a dress the same peachy color as the juice.  The dress made me feel like a southern belle (there may have been a white hat that I wore with the ensemble).  I would wear it and drink my peach juice and I became a peach myself.  A woman, by which I mean an object to be desired and consumed.  At the time, this didn’t strike me as a bad thing.

(I still have positive associations with consuming peaches, but in that dynamic, I am both the consumed and the consumer.  And… uh… suddenly this blog is turning PG-13)

At any wise, rocky hurdles crossed with the help of fond memories, I forge on into the day.

I may still decide to remain homebound.  Y’know… just in case.

7 thoughts on “Peachy”

  1. Silly Student Quizzes are for people with time


    So you got me hooked on this whole LJ thing, I am using to free write on Guatemala as well as other things that fill my head. I am worried that it will become a time vampire though. As far as thoughts on Quizzes go, I think perhaps they are a way to share something about oneself with others, although you bring up a good point that its a self crammed into a box which does not fit, however the quiz answer is a least partially reflective of the person taking the quiz. I really don’t know though why, perhaps people like quizzes on the internet because they are easier then quizzes in Magazines, after all the internet quiz keeps track of your answers and gives you your feedback instantly and is harder to cheat on. If you have ever taken a cosmo quiz then you know what I mean about the cheating.. you look at the answers (as in answer mostly A’s then you’ve got a winning personality..B’s A man Killer…C’s get a makeover) and try to stay away from those answers that will get an unwelcome result.

  2. well, I take tests based partially on ideal self and partially on real self. It’s like writing my resume. I post them because i am firmly of the belief that everything is information and the more information can be observed, the better the subconcious mind can piece together an understanding of the universe and those around you.

  3. Character quizzes

    I really should start taking these quizzes for Ree instead of me. That would be an interesting exercise. Might help me practice thinking like her.

    As for me, I try to answer truthfully, instead of what I’d like my answers to be. But sometimes I take it twice, once each way. πŸ™‚


  4. I only post answers that seem to apply, or that I’d like to apply, or that I think are just fun/cute. I take more than I post. I answer how I feel at that time, and if none of the answers really apply to me, I choose the one I’d be most likely to do/say/etc.

    I like the idea of tiny Sarah insights. But judging by my last three, would make me a Thomas Paine-headed-Horus who wears a thong. πŸ™‚

    And dreamchat has long ago degraded into essentially an lj community. Membership is optional, and you’ll miss nothing important by not belonging. We all belong, only members can post and read, but the only thing it has in common with it’s members is it’s own existence. People can even post their quiz results. I have the free time to belong, but truly, I find it extracurricular.

    The Apples thing really bugs me. I’d love to get involved, but can’t find an IC reason to do so (for *any* of my characters! Wenches! All of them!)



  5. just to let you know

    I was at ‘s apartment some time ago, and she showed me these really kewl personalized condoms she got at a concert. They had the band’s logo and website on them.

    She said she kept one, intending to contact a band member to see where she too could get personalized condoms, perhaps as giveaways at Roller Derby.

    Then I showed her it was a clear plastic sticker on a normal condom, and that she could probably do it herself for cheaper.

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