Moving Again…

After several years of letting this archive languish while I worked on my own IP, I’ve hit a milestone. Yesterday I paid off a debt long in coming. A debt in story form. A debt that’s been sitting around for… well… longer than my student loans.

I’ve been waiting for a milestone to reactivate my online presence. As a milestone, finishing this story is as good as any. I’m therefore doing what I often do when I hit such milestones. Time for a relocation.

Anyone who is interested is welcome to peep in over at my new digs: http://teleidoplex.livejournal.com/

You won’t find fanfic, but you will find updates on writing, on living in an intentional vegetarian co-op in the Bay Area, on magical thinking, and on the academic subjects I have a fetish for: liminality, gender, identity, post-colonialism, globalization, and whatever else ends up perking my ears.

And, inevitably, there will be foxes.

I may also tell you what a Teleidoplex is.



26 thoughts on “Moving Again…”

    1. Here’s a link to labourstart.com, which is keeping a running tab of news articles about the strike. The strike has become a multi-city strike over wages, healthcare, pensions, and especially over the problem of contracts ending at different times in different cities, thereby reducing the effectiveness of unions. Bascially, the unions are working on a city-wide scale against corporations that are global in scale and can just import workers from other areas if the union in one city strikes.


      This is a link to UNITE/HERE’s website


      The article below lays out the union demands pretty succinctly


      1. UNITE!/HERE are my among my favorite unions. they’re pretty much the awesome, and when they’re striking, it’s over something good and worthwhile. they’ve got their shit together, they’re very proudly multiracial (and not in that patronizing-white-people-pointing-out-their-tokens sort of way) and they’re incredibly honest and upfront, in my experience. go AAA!1

      2. Thank you.

        I’ll admit that I’m often wary of unions and strikes for multiple reasons that I won’t go into here. I tend to form opinions on a case-by-case basis.

        This case is clear to me. The numbers they’re throwing out there are appalling–particularly the comparison between the proposed “raise” (which can’t realistically be called that) and the proposed increase in health care costs. I also dislike that they’re citing assumptions about second jobs and spousal benefits–no employer worth its salt bases decisions about things like benefits on assumptions about its employees’ lives outside of work. That’s a remarkably careless attitude to display.

        Good for the AAA.

        (I was already incredibly proud of the fact that they refuse to hold any of their annual meetings in states with sodomy laws on the books and have condemned such laws as bigoted and archaic)

  1. I’ll be interested to see how this develops. It pleases me that AAA is willing to even contemplate taking a $1.2 mil hit for the sake of principles. Whether they end up doing it — we’ll see.

  2. Send a copy of your letter to Unite/Here.

    Having been around strikers, I can tell you they NEED to know that people support them.
    Going out on strike is one of the most difficult things a person can do, if you think about it, most people want to work (they want the pride and the wages that come from work), striking is difficult because you can’t work, instead you have to picket and watch scabs take your work.

    Strikers need moral support.

    It probably goes without saying that I support UNITE/HERE in their endeavors.

    1. Agreed on all counts. Do you ever make it to this side?

      Also… I’ve watched Wife Swap because of you. Not often, but enough. That’s love, right there 😛

      1. I’ve never really made it to SF (except a layover on my way to Hawaii). If I ever get the chance though, I’ll be sure to jump on it.
        I was out in LA last September for a Rocky Horror convention though, and then again in October for a RHPS Celebrity Charity show (I was Time Warping on stage next to Danny DeVito!). While I was out there, I got to hang out with Ray (formerly of Voyeuristic Intention), and we talked a lot about our mutual adimiration of you. 🙂
        I’m sorry that you’ve had to endure episodes of Wife Swap, but that show is infinitely better than the one I’m working on now. If you’re really feeling masochistic some night, check out “All Worked Up” on Tru TV. It makes Wife Swap look urbane and sophisticated by comparison.
        Glad to see you back on the internets. Hope to see you in person sometime soon.

        Be well,


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