Am I the only one who found today’s XKCD kinda disturbingly hot? Just those two panels, if you know what I mean, but…

brown chicken brown cow!

also, I really would love to see an XKCD/OotS collaboration and/or crossover.

This is an idea whose time has arrived. Flood the forums of both strips with this suggestion. Go forth, my simply-drawn minions. Go! Go! Bwahahahahhaahahahahaaa!!!

12 thoughts on “”

    1. Fox of Inari is a lvl 19 Martial Arts Magic Scrapper
      Kitsune Xero is a lvl 9 Illusion Magic Controller

      They’re both incarnations of the same character, but I usually tend to prefer soloing, except when I’m helping moonandserpent get out of xp debt.

      COH is such a better game than SWG

      1. It’s the Exemplar system. I haven’t tried it out myself, but it lets you drop effective level for grouping. Instead of xp, you get the xp you would earn at your level as influence. (To my knowledge)

  1. Victory

    Have you considered Victory? All the cool cats are there…
    I’ll be on tonight as “Force Squared” (we just started new characters to bring Brian “RajinCajun” up to speed).


  2. I’ve kept my Galaxies account out of nostalgia, much like I did for Ultima Online, but with the new Jedi village quests, they can go jump in a lake. Time to concentrate on my CoH character… Liberty server ahoy!

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