Old Writings

About a decade ago now, the Fox ran a tabletop Changeling game for a small group of us. This was before Tale of Winter, though some of the threads from that early game ran through the larp.

My character, Bryn, was a troll knight who ended up swearing service to (and falling in love with, in the chivalric sense) a knocker inventor/clubber named Violet. Violet was an NPC played by the Fox. She had a whole purple and black industrial goth thing going on, and she was wicked hot! She was the girlfriend/prisoner of a redcap named Mortag the Red, and he was a pretty nasty piece of work. He pretty much just kept her around to make weapons and munitions for his gang.

I woke up one night after a gaming session and wrote this sonnet in a fit of inspired, frenetic passion. Recently, the topic of sonnets has come up on WoW, and it sent me to search out this piece. I think it’s rather good for being something I wrote ten years ago.

What fairest beauties pierce mine eye,
With flashing looks and floating hair,
Can contest thy beauty’s symmetry,
Or with thine wisdom doth compare?
Thou’rt fair as black-winged night.
Bright Luna in thy features dwells,
My heart, my soul, mine eye’s delight,
Sweet Lady of the urban dells.
Nature’s whim hath made thee wild,
Her purple wine thy lips doth stain,
And many a heart hast thou beguiled,
Yet all who love thee love in vain,
For one has chained the wild-grown flower,
Who feels no love, but lusts for power.

–by Dame Bryn Copeland, in service to the Lady Violet

18 thoughts on “Old Writings”

  1. I’d like to sit down with you someday and play music for each other (on stereos, not instruments). I did this with Khet Tcheba once and it was very cool; I love sharing music with other people, and hearing what they have that I’ve never come across before. And it seems like you’ve got some pretty nifty music squirreled away — you’re the reason I got onto both Heather Alexander and Govinda.

  2. So I’d like to call you, and be like, “Hey Kitsune! What are you doing?” and you’ll be like, “Nothing… why?” (Note: this is fiction… you’re never NOT busy! j/k) And I’ll say something like:

    “Well, I’ve got two tickets to the opening of ‘Fox Box’ at the Mars Autitorium, and since the sunsets only happen on my birthday, I think we should go, listen to ‘Fox Box’ and watch a Martian Sunset.”

    We’d go, drink Venutian Wine, seduce 3/4ths of the audience in our Slumbarwear, and dance until our Skin Lyers(tm) changed to the rosy-gold-green-blue of the sunset. In full matching rhythms, we’d coerce the entire band back to our hotel, where they would perform for our amusement and feed us frozen grapes as I braided your hair.

    Music, wine, color, dancing, exotic location, and me getting to play with your hair. I think it sounds perfect (except for the frozen grapes, which I don’t really like, but it couldn’t be perfect or it might never come true.)

  3. Well, what we really need to do is go to New Zealand and find the trod to Middle Earth πŸ˜‰ Maybe we’ll find some train that’s a trod and I’ll actually be smart enough to tell you why we are walking into a crazy speeding train of doom!!! Hehe, yeah, Middle Earth, New Zealand. It’ll be fun!

  4. When it comes down to it, you are one of the people I’d be interested in time-travelling with. I think we’d have some interesting conversations in fin-de-siecle cafes and we could travel back and kick Prys Morgan in the shins or something.

    1. Can we go to Pompeii? I really want to see the first eruption, and then people filing back into the city when they think it’s okay, only to be caught by the second eruption.

      Cause I’m morbid that way.

  5. As much as I’d love to hang with you in fictional reality in another time and place, I have to say that going to Ireland with you would be adventure enough for me. I’d love to see the place through the eyes of someone who loves it enough to make it the focus her life’s work. I envy the ability to feel a connection like that to someplace.

  6. It is simple really

    I want us to go to Jareth’s ball next year.

    All dolled up like the queens we are.

    It’s not imaginary I know, but I think we would really have fun.

    On that note, I also want to go to SM blvd on Halloween with you.

  7. In a fantasy world

    Not a fantasy … but would you like company for Thanksgiving? I just checked ticket prices. πŸ™‚

    Halloween? Hey I am hosting a huge halloween party at Falcon this year … it’s a Sunday … All the best halloween karaoke and VCDs. πŸ™‚ Any chance you still have your Nightmare before Christmas costume and Daria can use it? hehehehehee.

    Ok. What can I say. They successfully launched commercial space travel. My new financial plan has tickets on Virgin Galactica … and I am praying that this is not a fantasy.

    Condon Ireland? Middle Earth New Zealand? Can I go too?

    My preciousssessssssssss gollum


  8. It might be painfully simple, but I’d really, really like to thank you face-to-face for the awesome job you do as our Varich-y storyteller. Cause, you know, you *rock*, and you manage to work in really cool plots for all of us. I’m aslo fairly sure you never get the thanks yo deserve. Hey, maybe we need to treat you to dinner or something!


    1. Heh. I think I must have at some point, because that was the game that spawned Darien Black (remember the Berach the Redcap and the Nocker that Darien hung out with in Ireland? The Nocker was Violet and the redcap was one of the other PC’s from the Jordan game, shamelessly borrowed for the Ireland game).

      And Bryn seemed a very good Troll name, cause… y’know… mountain! Most of the time she went by Brianne, which was her mortal name. She had problems with the mists because strong women meet with a lot of banality and discouragement in their day-to-day lives. That was also my explanation for the dearth of female trolls. Most of them couldn’t survive the changeling way because society’s expectations and approved roles for women meant that they never chrysalized.

      I’m almost certain we talked about that issue at one point?

      1. I remember Darien, and now that you connected Violet, I remember her too (or more to the point, Ree debating whether carrying around a nocker-built sawed-off shotgun wasn’t a quick route to a new incarnation). Berach I forgot, though.

        You probably did mention the troll to me. Maybe I just erased her from my memory because of cognitive dissonance. It’s weird to see my name used to refer to someone Not Me.

        I don’t think you ever brought up the issue of female trolls, but it’s a very interesting one. Ree managed through various incarnations because, as an eshu, she gravitated toward being on the fringe of society anyway, but trolls are almost inherently meant to be bound into the system, and the historical opportunities for that kind of woman were indeed limited. (I can think of some, so long as you don’t expect them to be active warriors — wives who commanded castles during seiges, etc — but not common, no.)

        Then again, Ree kept kicking the bucket before her twenty-fifth birthday anyway, so it isn’t like she was a poster child for how to make the Strong Woman thing work.

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